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Bridge Deck Systems Play an Instrumental Role in Bridge Repairs

Bridges are an integral part of the country’s transportation system. People drive across bridges daily without a second thought. They assume these structures are well-maintained and robust enough to carry heavy loads. However, many bridges across the United States are in need of repair.

Bridge Deck Systems Play an Instrumental Role in Bridge Repairs

Engineers and construction companies recognize the importance of building and repairing high-quality, structurally sound bridges. They rely on Bridge Deck Forming Systems to complete the job. Here’s why these systems play an instrumental role in restoring the country’s infrastructure:

Speedy Installation

According to the 2021 Report Card from the American Society of Engineers, 46,154 bridges in the United States are in poor condition. Since the average age for bridges is 44 years, the number of deficient structures will only increase.

At the current rate, it will take engineers until 2071 to properly repair all the damaged bridges. That’s why it’s crucial to find a more time-efficient way to make these necessary repairs.

Bridge deck systems can help speed up the repair process, often taking half the time to complete a job. Since these systems are customized for each bridge, they are easier to install than other options.

Workers won’t have to worry about ill-fitting components. There’s also no need for plywood, which can slow down assembly. Bridge deck systems take less time to assemble, place, and install.

Sturdy and Safe

Safety is of the utmost importance when repairing bridges. Working on high bridges poses a threat to both those on the deck and those below. Bridge deck systems help create a safer work environment.

Older wood forms required on-site assemble. However, steel forms come ready to install. Modern systems prevent tools or building debris from falling, protecting laborers from work-related accidents and injuries.

Deck systems not only protect workers, but these structures also keep pedestrians, drivers, boaters, and other passersby safe. They provide an additional layer of protection from dilapidated bridges, reducing the risk of falling concrete.

Long-Lasting Results

Every state has thousands of bridges to maintain. Texas alone has over 54,000 road bridges, according to a 2020 report by Statista. It takes time and money to make the necessary repairs to keep these structures operable and safe.

Years ago, bridges only needed to last for 50 years. New state and local regulations require bridges have a 75-year minimum service life. Repairing a bridge doesn’t do any good if it starts to fall apart after only a few years.

Bridge deck systems are perhaps the best way to ensure bridge repairs last for the long haul. They use the latest materials and technologies to help build long-lasting bridges.

For example, galvanized steel systems protect bridges from road salt and increase the structure’s service life.

A Reliable Bridge Repair Solution

Rundown and crumbling bridges are not only an eyesore. They also pose a danger to society. A single piece of falling concrete can cause severe injury or death to an unsuspecting passerby.

Engineers realize the importance of repairing bridges across the country as soon as possible.

It’s essential to maintain and upgrade the country’s infrastructure. The newest stay-in-place bridge deck systems help to do just this.


These systems reduce the amount of time needed to complete repairs and help construction companies come in under budget.

They also provide long-lasting, reliable results. Since deck systems are fully customizable, they are the ideal solution to repair bridges of any shape or size.


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