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Bring Shoppers Back to Abandoned Shopping Cart with Recapture

Abandoned shopping cart is one of the biggest problems with almost all eCommerce websites. Customers add products to their cart but never finish the checkout process; reason can be just anything and you cannot simply go for the reason.

What you can do is to “Bring them Back”!

However, to bring a customer back to finish the checkout, you need a proper solution that can track the user behavior, i.e. how many customers left the cart unfinished, what they selected and so on.

This is what Recapture can do for your Magento based eCommerce website. It takes not more than 5 minutes to integrate Recapture with your Magento store. Right after the integration is complete, it will start collecting data and will suggest you the relevant action.

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The basic Recapture Magento extension is free, and will reveal how many shoppers abandoned the cart, what was the value of each cart, what products were there in each cart, who came back to finish the process and who never came back. Based on this data you can manually email each shopper to complete the checkout.

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However, if you want to optimize the process further by automatically following up on each abandoned cart you need to upgrade the account, which is worth trying especially if you are working on conversion optimization!

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The paid version comes with a lot more features including responsive email builder, time specification to send out email and customized coupon codes or special offers.

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Recapture in Their Own Words:

Dead simple Magento abandoned cart recovery solution. Track what visitors are adding to their carts, automatically send them a responsive email if they don’t finish the checkout.

What Brings Recapture to the Spotlight:

The most needed solution for eCommerce websites.

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