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BubbleCap; the Smallest, Simplest & Most Cost Effective Carbonator

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Carbonated water sounds a great alternative to still water for people who don’t like the taste of still water but want to stay hydrated. For those, who are concerned if the sparkling water is good for health or not, the good news is that “yes, it’s good”, as it’s made by dissolving carbon dioxide in water, creating carbonic acid which just adds bubbles; no sugar, calories, or caffeine.

So, do enjoy your favorite tonic water, soda, and even you can carbonate your favorite juices! But, the problem comes when you have to buy and store that heavy carbonator in your kitchen!

BubbleCap comes to rescue as it’s a smart replacement of your carbonator devices; 100 times smaller than those bulky carbonators, lasts for many years in normal use, fits in all soft drink bottles, is portable so you can take it anywhere and what else you want out of a carbonator!

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With BubbleCap you are surely going to make this world more sustainable as it seems the most ecological and ethical production (as a carbonator) so far!

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The top quality product with so many benefits need your support; follow them and spread the word  about BubbleCap!

BubbleCap in Their Own Words:

A device, size of a saltcellar, that replaces the big home carbonatos for good! Fits to a soft drink bottle! The device guides the CO2 from a cartridge to a water bottle in a safe manner, to make your drink sparkling!

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Traditional home carbonator devices are huge! It doesn’t fit to every kitchen. Normal carbonators waste money and energy on every stage: production, packaging, shipping, logistics, shelf space, etc.. BubbleCap is ca. 100 times smaller, consumes 99% less resources on production. The simple solution is also safe, robust & reliable, easy to use, convenient and cheaper!

What Brings BubbleCap to the Spotlight:

The smallest, simplest, cheapest and best home carbonator ever!

BubbleCap Website: http://igg.me./at/bubblecap

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