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How Do You Build a Customer-Empowering Knowledge Base?

Giving the right information to your customers to help them make well-informed decisions is necessary for every business.

What is Customer Empowerment?

Providing your customers, the useful resources to make sure they are making use of them to achieve their goals is what customer empowerment is.

That is why it is important to give your customers the right amount of information to help them make the right decision.

By doing this, you as a business, are creating a loyal customer base by providing value to your customers. This helps your business in three ways:

  1. Your customers feel supported and loyal towards your brand
  2. They trust the information that you provide
  3. This also creates a dependency on your brand before they take any important decision

Simply put, customer empowerment is important for every business for retaining the existing customers and acquiring new customers.

Importance of Customer Service Knowledge Base

One of the most widely used tools for customer empowerment is a self-service knowledge base. A self-service or a customer service knowledge base is something that helps your customer base with the most frequently asked questions.

It is well-prepared documentation that helps your customer base by providing solutions on exactly what they need. A customer service knowledge base can be integrated with your website.

In a nutshell, an outstanding customer service knowledge base is the one that helps the customers without what they even ask for it, as it is already existing in the knowledge base.

Building a Knowledge Base That Empowers Customers

A knowledge base is for the customers to help them with the information they need. The knowledge base can be in any form that has FAQs (Frequently asked questions), user guides, how-to, case studies, and articles.

This helps your business to deal with some of the major issues of your customers rather than dealing with some minor repeated queries.

Here are some of the key points to follow if you’re planning to have an empowering customer-centric knowledge base:


To build an outstanding customer-centric knowledge base, you need to do proper research based on your target customers. Identifying the customer pain points is necessary before getting into investing in a knowledge base.

The research should be focused on building a knowledge base that covers the greatest number of people.

Invest in the Right Tool 

Deciding the right tool get started with is one of the major parts of research. The right tool should fit your business as well as something that should help your customer base. It should be an easy-to-use tool rather being complicated.

Content Plan 

Setting up a content plan should align with your business’ vision. Since all the ideas are going to be documented, you should make sure that the content needs to be updated occasionally based on the trends and advances that are made in your industry and cover the most popular topics that are being talked about.

It should not be like a variety of content in one place. Categorizing, organizing with proper tags are also very important while planning the content. This is what makes it the readers or the customers easy to access the knowledge base and use it effectively.

Benefits of Having a Knowledge Base

Having a customer service knowledge base improves a business in many ways. Here are a few to be mentioned:

Creates Trust Among the Customers

As a business, when you are providing continuous valuable information to your customers, they will gain your trust, and this improves customer loyalty. It makes your customer feel like you are helping them 24*7 which makes your customers happy. This has a lot of probability for customer retention as well.

Less Resource

The number of calls and emails that overwhelm the customer support team is reduced when there is a self-service knowledge base. Since all the information is stored in one place there won’t be any confusion to the customers. This is also easy to access and gather any information when needed.

Saves Cost and Time

Obviously, with a self-service knowledge base, you will help your customers save a lot of time and cost. This is because all the information is under one roof and all the self-service knowledge bases are public. It is a win-win situation, where you spend less and make your customers happy as well.


It is always easy when there is the right plan. Creating a customer-centric knowledge base can be made easy with the right tool and the right plan.

This helps you scale your customer support efforts and improve customer satisfaction, increase the ROI, and make your customers happy.

This is a huge transition where you can focus on other aspects of your customers rather than focusing on addressing the customer support tickets.

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