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5 Tips to Build Lead Generation Strategy for Startup

Today we can spend hours discussing what determines the success of a company. However, if you a startup, it’s often difficult to make the first move to hit the targeted market and execute an effective lead generation strategy.

Some point to a lack of resources, and others claim that chosen lead generation strategies are ineffective. Anyway, let’s take a look at five proven triggers for a successful lead generation strategy.

What Is the Lead Generation Process?

By definition, the lead generation process refers to any tactic or action aimed at attracting and converting potential customers and prospects into leads. In turn, leads are potential customers interested in your product, services, or company and have provided contact information to continue interacting with your company in any way.

When you are launching your lead generation strategy, building a group of leads is a critical path to drive forward. However, generating new leads is not the same as qualifying a new lead.

So, as a business owner or marketer, you can probably figure out that your lead generation strategy is effective when you find any route that leads to the end of the marketing funnel or the actual sale.

Even 61% of marketers consider generating lead traffic as their number one challenge. As such, our goal is to share our experience to help your startup find proven ways to execute leads.

5 Lead Generation Insights

The lead generation process affects the profitability of your business. So, you can use the trial and error method under a wide variety of numerous lead generation strategies. Yet, we invite you to read the five tips that we found the most effective to date with this in mind.

1.  Optimize Your Landing Pages

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When it comes to acquiring leads, the first that comes to mind is through the design of the landing page. Like in a fishing net, there are compelling opportunities on your landing page to boost conversions and understand how to generate leads for startups once they take some action on the website.

Сompanies with more than 30 landing pages are more likely to generate leads as opposed to companies with 5 landing pages. The more optimized landing pages you have, the more chances to catch your lead.

To achieve that goal, your landing page should follow strict optimization to become captivating for both search engines and humans. According to a post on Forbes, there are certain must-haves to help convert your engaging landing page, such as:

  • Clean layout and images;
  • Concise and keyword-focused title tag and description;
  • Social media sharing;
  • Helpful video content;
  • Scannable content with correct HTML tags;
  • Strong Call-to-action.

Plus, many online businesses go to great lengths to create engaging videos that work to attract potential customers. The only rule of thumb is to follow certain tips that you might find helpful for successful video production.

2.  Create a Social Media Kit

As we mentioned, high-performance landing pages are equipped with social media sharing links. While being both an inexpensive and useful method, social media, especially when you’re starting out, is one great tool to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness.

Plus, having a social media presence helps you build trust and learn more about your potential customers. You may also be interested in reaching more customers through your social media channel if you understand how to develop an effective social media strategy.

For example, one of the benefits of a Facebook channel is customizable tabs that can direct visitors to the landing page of your official website.

No matter which social media channel you choose, you can announce your new products online, share links to your services, and create additional videos and visuals to grab attention and stand out from existing competitors.

Lead generation for small businesses can be packaged with a unique media kit to educate potential customers about your product’s values ​​and present yourself the way you see it.

3.  Create Multiple CTAs

With calls to action, you can convince potential customers to take specific actions. A CTA is created to link your visitors through a landing page to receive special offers tailored to their needs.

But many small businesses tend to make some mistakes here when linking their CTAs to homepages. Therefore, it is highly important to direct your potential clients to a specific landing page with the product or service they are looking for.

Here, by creating multiple calls to action, you automatically increase engagement for a variety of offers to try with your company. This way, website visitors can browse your case studies, receive discounted offers, or sign up for free product trials. This means you can scatter as many opportunities as possible to drive more leads to your website.

4.  Use Different Lead Magnets

To avoid leaving potential customers empty-handed, you can create a varied list of offerings so they can check and choose what works best for them. A lead magnet is information used to get your visitors to subscribe to your website’s mailing list in exchange for some free gifts.

Before you start developing them, it’s important to remember that your proposal is worth their contact information. Whether you’re engaging leads with multiple calls to action or offer discounts to first-time buyers, prepare freebies for your users to download to sign up for – you’re increasing your business prospects anyway.

Another way to reap the benefits of a successful lead generation strategy is to try new, highly advanced approaches to cold email campaigns. You can provide immediate value to your potential users by offering different software tools as a lead magnet.

For example, using the email verifier API integration, you can check email validity to get accurate email addresses and simplify the process of expanding your lead list.

In turn, the different features of similar multi-tools allow not only to gather reliable and new email addresses but also to fill your lead database with extra information inherent in the selected domain.

5.  Craft a High-Ranking Content

One of the proven startup lead generation methods is creating quality, well-optimized content. This way, search engines will give you a priority to your website.

Your company should be an expert in a related field and answer questions quickly and simply to be ranked higher. A content-driven lead generation strategy will give more weight to your presence when people request offers in a specific niche.

What’s more, nearly 90% of organizations choose to invest their marketing efforts in developing quality content. Such marketing generates 3x more leads than traditional outbound marketing. In this way, you will increase loyalty to your company and give your customers free answers to their questions or share your niche experience.

Wrapping Up

In simple terms, the successful startup lead generation strategy largely depends on the efforts you put into your inbound lead generation process.

So, the best way is to constantly test, research, and qualify to improve the quality of your leads and increase your revenue prospects.

Using the techniques described above to design lead generation strategies to grow your business will lead to real conversions in the short term.

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