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Neil Gross rightly said that in the next century, planet earth will don an electronic skin and it will use the Internet as a scaffold to support and transmit its sensations.

Today we are living in an age faster than ever before; mobile apps and IoT helping us everywhere making our lives easier. But people who work behind the scene to make all this happen face tough challenges to do so!

According to the experts, development teams struggle to assemble their system from a variety of different components, tools and frameworks which is the biggest challenge. Let it be a website, mobile app or an IoT product, real-time data synchronization is an essential and to be honest, it’s not that easy!

It’s customer data, product data, employee data, customer support systems, billing and invoicing systems, etc. and a lot more; it all needs real time synchronization. And to be very specific, it’s not a onetime effort; rather a continuous process that needs to be planned, owned, managed, scheduled and controlled.

Well challenges do come when new ideas and technologies are introduced, and to move forward we must find the right solutions. is one such solution that allows flexible deployment and simple scaling with an open-source backend stack, designed to deliver information and information updates in real-time to clients.


Developers who are working on building a chat system, an app for live interactions during an event, a demand & supply based platform or a an IoT home automation device, must try, as it’s going to make your life easier while letting you build a robust system.

telepat_features in Their Own Words: is an API first platform for building IoT, web & mobile apps with real-time capabilities. It’s an open-source backend stack, designed to deliver information and information updates in real-time to clients, while allowing for flexible deployment and simple scaling.


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