Build Your On-demand Business in Minutes with Indemand

Smartphones have drastically changed the conventional business practices, as the smartphone users prefer online shopping for its convenience and wide range of options. Hence businesses stuck to the old rules of the game are facing loss of potential customers hence dwindling sales.

Indemand acts as a messiah for all those businesses, who are looking forward to build their own on- demand store or service. Anyone without any technical expertise can use the platform to build their own on-demand business in a matter of just minutes. Building such a business otherwise involves huge cost and parallel time.

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The platform is built to cater various industries, i.e. restaurants, beauty & personal care, home & office services, groceries, taxis etc.

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Tap into the low cost delivery solution and let your customers enjoy faster and low cost delivery.

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So, Indemand offers a cheap and time saving option to businesses planning their online on demand presence. Hence anyone from founders, drivers, hourly workers to small business startups and entrepreneurs, and even the large enterprise can leverage the  can use Indemand’s handy services for their maximum presence on the on demand business scene.

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Indemand in Their Own Words:

Indemand is a plug and play platform for building your own on-demand store or service. It has simplified the extremely difficult, costly and time consuming process of building on demand businesses for the start ups and entrepreneurs.


What brings Indemand to the Spotlight:

The complexity associated with building on demand business in terms of costs and time has been effectively diminished by Indemand, hence boosting startup businesses sales and profits.


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