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Bunchcut; Transforming the Way to Store Photos

Photographers, designers, online marketers in particular and individual online users in general have hard time sorting photos. Since you cannot store them all on your hard drive, you look for a centralized digital storage system.

It becomes a necessity and if such a system comes with a plethora of extra features that allow the pictures to be tagged, rated and commented then it becomes even more desirable.

Bunchcut overcomes all the shortcomings of traditional Dropbox to share files and images. It saves a considerable amount of time that you would have otherwise spent tirelessly looking for your favorite image. Thus, allowing you to spend more time behind the lens capturing some beautiful shots and developing beautiful web pages.

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All the files stored in Bunchcut are safe and secure and you can also access them easily in real-time. Irrespective of whether you have hundred or thousand images stored in your account, with Bunchcut you can narrow down on the image you are looking for in a matter of few seconds.

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That’s not all, you can even get votes and comment that will give you a fair idea about your shots.

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Bunchcut in Their Own Words:

We’re a collaboration platform that helps people to store and collaborate in teams on images. Bunchcut saves teams and individuals time when working on images. You and your team can use it to store all your digital assets in one central place. You can simply comment, send, tag images and create folders.

What Brings Bunchcut to the Spotlight:

Traditionally people store images in local drives and use email and Dropbox to share images. Bunchcut has created a whole new workflow for people to do these things in less time and easier in the cloud.

Bunchcut Website: http://www.bunchcut.com/

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