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Deconstructing the Success Story of Burger King

Burger King is one such brand that comes to mind when you wish to express the importance of witty marketing strategies. The impact that Burger King has created on the current fast-food industry cannot be erased.

Deconstructing the Success Story of Burger King

Whether it is the fast-food industry or the hearts of the common people, Burger King holds a special place.

This has been made possible through numerous dedicated activities that unitedly work towards transforming Burger King into the brand it is today. The menu of Burger King suggests the diversity that the brand can offer.

However, Burger King did not rise to success overnight. It was a long and tedious journey filled with a lot of ups and downs. Donald N Smith has a great contribution to the growth of Burger King.

The strategic marketing, upliftment of the quality of food being offered, changes in the franchise agreement helped Burger King to move forward towards a brighter future.

This article is an attempt to unravel how Insta-Burger became Burger King, one of the most loved and preferred fast-food chains in the world. Read on in order to plunge right into the details.

The Origin Story of a Star

Burger King was initially known as Insta-Burger King. It was a mere Florida-based restaurant chain founded by Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns.

However, the company encountered a financial crisis within a year of its existence.

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Insta-Burger King was purchased by David Edgerton and James McLamore. The Miami-based franchisees gave Burger King its current name.

David and James worked dedicatedly to improve the design of the Insta broiler. They eventually came with the flame broiler and never looked back.

Currently, the restaurant chain has about 13000 locations in about 79 countries. Now that’s a whopping number.

Donald Smith- The Man Behind The Success Of Burger King

Replacing the Insta-broiler with a flame broiler was a smart move. However, it was only after the introduction of the reforms brought in by Donald Smith that helped Burger King in becoming America’s second-largest burger chain.

Back in 1978, in a very James Bond style, Burger King launched ‘Operation Phoenix.’ The plan was a very successful attempt to restructure corporate business practices. As the name suggests, like the phoenix, Burger King rose from the ashes and transformed into a majestic brand.

Donald J. Smith was initially an executive working for McDonald’s. It was through his guidance and assistance that Burger King was revamped.

The structure of the organization and processes were completely changed to streamline its operations.

A Wave of Change

The ideas and methods incorporated by Donald Smith changed the company for the better. However, one of the consistent factors that can be credited for the growth and profitability of Burger King is simplicity.

Smith made sure that whether it was something as complex as the operational chain or as simple as the menu of Burger King, simplicity must be incorporated.

Creative Marketing Plans

The creativity comprehended in the advertisement plans and platforms has certain aided the already existing popularity of the brand. The marketing strategies proved to be enticing enough to attract a great number of customers.

Reduced Operation Costs

Burger King plays smart by investing its resources to work on broad differentiation strategies. They make every possible effort to reduce their operating costs so that they can offer the customers a competitive price.

This is one of the prime financial objectives of the brand. In order to attain this goal, unique characterization is a supporting factor.

The popularity of the Whopper Burger is proof enough to support this statement.

Fending Off The Challenges

McDonald’s has always been a prime competitor of Burger King. This concern was dealt with utter ease. While McDonald’s was busy adding on to the complexity of their menu.

Burger King took the high road and focussed on promoting the items which were already present on the menu of Burger King.

Burger King has been known for its strategic intelligence. From time and again, Burger King has successfully used the shortcoming of its competitors as an advantage.

This is one of the multiple reasons that today it is the second-largest burger chain in the United States of America.


It is safe to state that the contributing factors to the success story of Burger King are simplicity, wit, and dedication. Not only the menu of Burger King has been strategically engineered to serve a larger audience.

The ever-growing chain of restaurants has reached a whopping number of 13000 locations in about 100 countries.

The marketing team of the brand is highly aware of the market and takes the appropriate steps to make sure Burger King always comes across as the leading fast-food chain.


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