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How to Make a Business Budget

If there’s one thing that every single one of America’s 30 million small businesses has in common, it’s the need to prepare a budget for each year. But if you’re new to the process, knowing how to make a business budget can be a bit overwhelming.

How to Make a Business Budget

The good news? We’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll give you some basic tips and tricks that you can use to bring your business budget to life. We’ll tell you how to get started, when to invest in an accountant, and even how you can make the process less stressful.

Take Your Time

One of the biggest and most helpful business budget tips has to do with taking your time. Simply put, the early that you start working on a budget, the easier it is to take your time on it so you can ensure that you do it correctly.

After all, rushing through a budget increases the chances of you making some crucial mistakes along the way. It also makes things a bit more stressful for you and your budget team, which isn’t what you want.

Be Organized

Another budget tip that can help you reduce stress and finish your budget faster is to be organized throughout the process. Having a solid organizational system in place beforehand can go a long way in helping make sure that your budget-making process goes well.

Something as simple as a binder and a filing system is more than enough to get the job done. You don’t need to be too fancy, or even tech-savvy, to be organized with your budget.

Have a Budget Team

We touched on this briefly a second ago, but it’s important to note just how hard it can be to make a budget by yourself. This is especially true if you’re trying to create a budget for a business that is spending more than a hundred grand a year.

To make things easier for yourself, you need to have a budget team that consists of at least two people. That way the entire workload doesn’t rest on the shoulders of one individual, which is unfair and can lead to both stress and mistakes.

Know Your Must-Haves

Regardless of what type of business you own or manage, odds are there are a few items that are considered must-haves. It goes without saying, but knowing what those must-have items are, so you can be sure to budget for them, is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

For example, if your business needs lots of printing work done each year, having enough room in your budget for a company like is recommended.

Also, leaving a little extra room in the budget for extra printing needs, just in case of emergencies, is more than a good idea, too.

Be Realistic

We get it. You want to produce a budget that isn’t too pricey so you can have the ability to show the highest profit number possible at the end of the year. And while no business likes spending money, it’s never a good idea to cheat yourself on a budget, as it can do more harm than good in the long run.

A pro tip? Be realistic on your budget needs. Don’t round down on prices, or leave something off that you know you need, to make your budget number easier to look at.

Budget for everything that you need, and don’t leave anything out, so you can make sure the money is there when you need it.

Overestimate on Everything 

To piggyback off of that last point, it’s always a good idea to round up, and not down, on your budget. Overestimating on your expenses, even just a tiny bit, can help give you some much-needed wiggle room later on in the year.

Believe it or not, rounding up on all of your expenses can add up rather fast.

Doing so can not only help you prepare for all the year’s expenses, but it can increase your chances of coming in under budget at the end of the year, which is always a good thing.

Prepare for Unexpected Expenses

If you’ve been in business for a while now, you know that every year presents new challenges that you couldn’t have prepared for ahead of time. Leaving a little room in your budget for those unexpected road bumps, so you can get past them more easily, is always a good call.

Not only does this help you save money in the long run, but it can also reduce stress in the workplace greatly.

Because if you have the funds needed to take care of a problem when it pops up, that problem doesn’t seem like as big of a deal as when you don’t.

Get Help When You Need It

The last thing that you want to do when you’re creating a budget for business expenses is to spend money on that budget. But to get the job done right, sometimes you need to invest in the help of a professional accountant for your budget.

So, if your business has grown a lot over the past year, or if you’re overwhelmed by the process, consider placing a call to an accountant today. That way you can make sure your business is ready for anything and everything that could happen in the future.

Still Not Sure How to Make a Business Budget?

Knowing how to make a business budget takes a lot of planning and hard work. But if you keep these tips and tricks in mind, and you invest in the help of a professional when you need it, you should be able to pull it off without too many issues.

Looking for more accounting tips and tricks? Check back with our blog daily!


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