Business Coaching for Disabled Entrepreneurs in the US

Business coaching and mentoring programs are meant to provide real-world work knowledge and bridge the gap between educational theory and the actual business.

This helps professionals not only to learn to do business in the right direction but also to grow and develop new skills under the direction and advice of seasoned experts.

Mentoring and business coaching is not limited to an individual, rather organizations initiate mentoring programs to align the goals of the company with the professional development of its employees as well.

business coaching for disabled entrepreneurs

When it comes to mentoring disabled entrepreneurs, I am sad to report that not enough business coaching and mentoring programs are easily available for them.

I am one of the few disability business coaches that have been there and done that. Many of the typical so-called certified coaches simply took and passed a course that didn’t require business experience. It is much the same with academic programs that are taught from books authored by other teachers.

We at Rehability Inc. are very much concerned about there being so little support for PWD who go into business. I have voiced this concern to the government but so far there’s no sign of hope. It is for this reason that we are establishing a comprehensive support program for disabled professionals.

Initially, the program is for blind and sight impaired as well as for disabled vets. After establishing the program we will open it up to other disabled professionals and set in place an affordable virtual incubator plan for entrepreneurs with and without disabilities.

As a lifelong entrepreneur I never received anything worthwhile for free and after our consultancy has been established everyone will have to pay for services, but knowing of the disability journey Rehability Ins plans to provide a special affordable program in place to substantially lower the risk of failure for disabled business people using our program.

If you are the one having an existing interest in professional consulting we have openings for blind and sight impaired as well as for disabled vets with professional consulting, senior management and/or executive experience and have an established virtual consulting platform and training program in place at no cost to independent professionals who meet our needs.

It is free to you except for your phone, computer, Internet access and home office. That is the responsibility of our associated members. So, if you meet our criteria, we have a comprehensive consulting program up running and making money for 80%+ of our associated consultants. For details, you may visit , or  e-mail <subs(at)>. Mention (Owen) in the subject line to get priority service from me.