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10 Tried and Tested Business Ideas Built Around Drones

It is easy to see why the range of drone services available keeps expanding as it is a concept and service that has an almost endless amount of uses and often delivers unique advantages not available in any other way.

If you are thinking of how to monetize your passion as a drone operator and enthusiast there are a multitude of ways to turn something that started out as a hobby into a thriving business.

Here are some proven ideas that can lead to drone-inspired success.

Capture unique and remarkable footage

One of the most obvious ways to earn money as a drone operator is to offer photographic services.

Drones deliver a unique perspective and allow you to take stunning images and videos that would not be possible without aerial access. Drone photography can be offered at a much lower rate than helicopter services, giving you a competitive edge when it comes to fees.

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Safety inspections

Drones have now become widely accepted as a viable way to carry out building inspections safely.

Drones can access areas safely without the risk of personal injury. They can also cover inaccessible parts of a building. Offering safety inspections is a great way to earn money from your drone.

Capturing the special day

Wedding photography can be a lucrative business to get into. Adding the option of capturing the special day with unique drone footage can be an excellent source of additional revenue.

An important addition to emergency services

Drones are in demand as a valuable tool when carrying out search and rescue operations. It offers the chance to access dangerous locations and situations quickly. You can even program a drone to deliver emergency supplies. You could build a business offering help in this way.

Powerful surveillance options

The home security market is worth billions. You could tap into this market by offering an additional level of security with drone surveillance services.

The sky is not the limit

Drones don’t only deliver an eye in the sky. You can also offer underwater inspections and services when you have a submersible drone. An underwater drone can offer a competitive edge when it comes to accessing sites underwater. That could prove to be lucrative for a drone operator.

Capturing amazing marine images

As well as powerful commercial applications under the sea you can also find plenty of customers willing to pay good money to capture incredible aquatic landscapes and sights that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Drones are capable of some amazing overhead shots.

Strong demand for mapping and surveying services

Farming has been transformed with the help of drone technology. Drones are able to create detailed maps and livestock inventories in a very cost-effective way. There is a strong demand for drone operators who offer mapping and surveying services.

No competition for advertising space

Drone banner advertising is proving popular as it offers the chance for advertisers to really get noticed.

Start a leasing business

As well as offering some of these unique and attractive drone services you could also consider the idea of expanding into drone leasing.

As more people become interested in drones and their possibilities you could take advantage by leasing them and providing backup services alongside.

As you can see, drones offer a huge variety of amazing uses and exciting business opportunities.

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