Pandemic-Proof Business Ideas
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30 Business Ideas To Launch During A Pandemic

Pandemic has been unforgiving and trenchful for businesses worldwide. From crushing promising projects to canceling out the running businesses, COVID-19 has caused a lot of stir in the business market.

But still, there’s always a gateway for profitable home business ideas and pandemic business projects. Indeed, COVID-19 has disrupted the conventional business market; there are still some small online business ideas that can help you fight the pandemic financially.

COVID-19 has changed the way we used to live, work, play, interact, and of course, the way we did business. Some best business ideas have shifted online, while other profitable business ideas have found their way to fit the new social distancing wave.

But the question remains, what to do during a pandemic or what business can I start? And that’s precisely why we are here today.

Although COVID-19 has been quite hard on businesses, there are some pandemic business ideas you can use to fight the odds. In this very piece, you’ll find 30 pandemic business ideas to launch.

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From most common small businesses to profitable online business ideas and stay-at-home business ideas, you’ll find it all in our long list of pandemic business recommendations. But before that, let’s first figure out what’s a pandemic-proof business.   

What is a Pandemic-Proof Business?

COVID-19 has turned out to be no short of an earthquake to businesses. But still, there are some business ideas that are irrespective of the COVID-19 impact.

Industries that were dependent on physical human communication and interaction faced a massive backlash due to the pandemic. For instance, shops, car showrooms, manufacturing plants, etc., all were shut down.

But here’s a thing. Businesses that promoted little to no human interaction from the ground up remain safe and sound during the pandemic. Freelance copywriting, remote fitness, remote work, delivery services, online shopping forums, etc.,, are some prominent examples of businesses that remain intact.

So, a pandemic-proof business doesn’t rely on the physical interaction of human beings. Instead, it promotes the idea of no to little interaction between humans without compromising the services.

With that being said, there are tons of pandemic business or pandemic-proof business ideas out there. And today, we are going to showcase the top ones so you can stay financially strong and active in the pandemic. 

Pandemic-Proof Business Ideas

There’s no shortage of pandemic business ideas and projects you can use to build a healthy income for yourself and your family.

Here are thirty profitable home business ideas, small online business ideas, and more to fuel the entrepreneur inside you.

So without further ado, let’s jump right inside and discover the best pandemic business ideas you can launch from the comfort of your home.

Mobile / Pop-Up Coffee Shops

A mobile or pop-up coffee shop is one that’s opened in a temporary space for a limited period of time.

If you have seen portable/mobile candy shops in shopping malls or streets, the idea of a mobile/pop-up coffee shop is similar.

In the pandemic when social distancing is the key, a mobile/pop-up coffee shop will not just come in handy–but bring people together without breaking the distancing rules.

Online health or mental health consultations

Everyone is scared to visit a hospital or doctor, no matter how severe their health conditions are. And that’s where you can help + start a business.

Opening online health or mental health consultation center is one of the best pandemic business ideas.

You’ll work as a middle-men, connecting doctors to patients online and taking your honest cut. Launching online health or mental consultation center is one of the best businesses you can do from home. 

Accounting services

Professional Accounting Services

Are you good with numbers and basic bookkeeping/accounting? If you are nodding with confidence right now, then you are in luck.

As physical businesses are shifting online, many businesses are looking for decent freelance bookkeepers.

You can search for bookkeeping and accounting services jobs at famous freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc.

And once you are comfortable with the job, you can start picking projects and outsource them to other people–talk about simple business ideas.

App developer

When nothing was working for conventional businesspeople, app developers came to the rescue and made apps to make their business strive in the tough times of the pandemic.

You can teach yourself to code and build apps and start your app development online pandemic business to help others.

The demand for sports and health applications has sky-rocked in the pandemic. And that’s where you can bring your fruitful ideas to life and create applications that make the life of people less stressful and boring in the pandemic.

Box subscription companies

For those of you who don’t know, a box subscription is a package that customers receive by mail on a recurring basis. The box can contain any product, and that’s the most exciting element about box subscription.

You can start your own box subscription company! Here’s how. First, set up a fantastic subscription box idea. Then, price your subscription idea. After that, put together a prototype subscription box and start your prelaunch phase. Then, create your website, start taking orders and start shipping orders. And that’s pretty much it.

People love getting surprised and are fond of the idea of trying new and unique products. And during the pandemic, box subscriptions are just like a rainbow after a long drizzly rainy day. 

Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

If you want to start a business and get up and running with your first contract in no time, providing cleaning services is the best business to start. With that being said, it’s also one of the easy start-up business ideas.

You’ll require some equipment, labor, and an average cleaning service plan to launch your business in no time. Just make sure your pandemic business promises top-notch cleaning services and delivers.

Commercial cleaning services

Thanks but no thanks to COVID-19, commercial cleaning services found themselves to be one of the hottest in terms of demand during the pandemic.

Restaurants, offices, industries, medical facilities, public-facing businesses, etc., all required commercial cleaning services to keep the deadly virus at bay.

And as more and more businesses are opening worldwide, the business of commercial cleaning services is turning out to be the most profitable business ideas in the pandemic.

Lastly, the demand for commercial cleaning services isn’t going down on the bell curve any time soon.

Consulting business

Don’t let the pandemic crush your skills and demand in the world. Instead, no matter who you are, a doctor, data scientist, writer, musician, etc., set up your consultancy business today!

To set up your consulting pandemic business, you’ll just need to create your website, market yourself, and be prepared to suit yourself in the new online world.

As an individual, you’ll be helping other businesses and people who can afford to go out and strive in the pandemic without stepping outside from your home.

Culinary classes

Are you called a master chef by your family members, or do you think you have what it takes to cook good food? Then it’s time to turn your hobby or passion into a business.

We’ll recommend you first to start small. For instance, host an affordable online cooking class on a platform like Skype, Zoom, etc. 

Then, seek feedback from your audience, and if everything goes right, you can expand the business by teaching people to cook on live one on one session.

And once we are beyond the pandemic lifestyle, you can transform your online culinary classes into in-person classes.

Delivery service

Delivery Services

Since the start of the pandemic, the delivery service business is on a high boom. And it’s pretty evident that people will get used to such convenience even when the pandemic is over.

You can start your delivery service by offering unique products and services that aren’t being offered on famous delivery services like UberEats, DoorDash, etc. For instance, you can work with local businesses and turn them into deliverable services.

Good business ideas to start related to delivery services are numerous; you just need to get going!

Digital marketing agency

After the pandemic, people are spending more time on their smart devices than ever. And that’s why companies are looking forward to hiring digital marketing agencies to capture as many customers as possible and at any cost.

If you have a background in marketing, with the right training and tools, you can easily start your digital marketing pandemic business. According to your niche, you can offer SEO services, social media handling, content writing, and more! 

Dropshipping business

Dropshipping is one of the best new business ideas in the pandemic. Basically, a store with the dropshipping model doesn’t store products. But it purchases the items from third-party and ships directly to customers.

There are hundreds of courses out there for free (paid dropshipping business courses are also available) that help you learn all about dropshipping business. And drop shipping business doesn’t require one to step outside their house.

Drug manufacturing business

COVID-19 pandemic gave us the lesson that any business can die apart from the drug manufacturing business.

No matter what happens to the planet earth, a drug manufacturing business will never fail–and the COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect example of why that is so.

A drug manufacturing business is one of the simple pandemic business ideas we can think of in the pandemic.

Face mask and hand sanitizer making business

Face mask and hand sanitizer making business

Some like wearing masks and sanitizing their hands, while others don’t. But it’s something we all are required to have at our disposal 24/7 in the pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon. And that’s one of the reasons why you should start a face mask and hand sanitizer-making pandemic business.

Look around yourself; even companies who weren’t even in the health and hygiene department have started to manufacturer their face masks and hand sanitizers.

Fitness and wellness programs

It’s more than a year (although it feels like a century) since people have been in their homes. They have lost their motivation and willpower to push themselves to stay fit and well.

If you have some background in health, exercise, and wellness, start preparing online fitness and wellness programs that people can join via Zoom, Skype, etc.

If you lack video confidence, create your blog and share your routine, health tips & tricks, and everything in between to keep people fit and well in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Food and Beverage Delivery Service

One of the best pandemic business ideas is to start a food and beverage delivery service that offers unique products to customers.

Unlike UbeEats, DoorDash, etc., start a food and beverage delivery service with local food and beverage businesses around you.

Offer food and beverage delivery options to customers that aren’t available anywhere else.

Graphic design firm

Businesses and firms are always on the venture of hiring top-drawer graphic designers. If you have some background in graphics, you can easily launch your graphic design firm!

You’ll need to hire some top-notch graphic designers, create your brand and then market your services on the world wide web.

And that’s about it! If you’ll hire good graphic designers and offer them a good package, you’ll automatically receive projects from renowned businesses and firms worldwide.

Hardware and Construction Supplies

Supply Of Construction & Hardware Materials

People have been sick and tired of the pandemic routine. And that’s why the majority are now making use of free DIY tutorials online to construct, renovate and decorate their homes.

And because of that, the demand for hardware and construction supplies has received quite the boom.

To start a hardware and construction supplies pandemic business, you’ll just to contact the manufacturers and producers of hardware and construction supplies. And then, you can easily retail their products however you want.

Home improvement contractor

Stay-at-home orders have given people the time to look at their homes from various perspectives. And that’s why they are now more than interested in renovating house spaces, constructing their abandoned rooms, and more.

And for all the home improvement work, homeowners are looking for reliable, creative, and trusted home improvement contractors.

Now is the perfect time to hire people who can provide the basic and advanced home improvement services to start a home improvement contractor pandemic business.

Online Bakery

Do you have an artistic baker living inside you? If yes, then you won’t get a better chance ever in your life to shine bright as a baker.

People are getting bored of eating the same own Dunkin Donuts–they are welcoming new bakers to show their masterclass.

And if you have some baking skills, you can start an online bakery business from the comfort of your house’s kitchen.

Online Grocery Store / Market

Online Grocery Store

Convenience and speed aren’t luxuries in the pandemic–but they are the essentials of anything we do today.

As people can’t go out and shop grocery and other items like it’s the perfect Sunday morning, you have the chance of opening an online grocery store/market business.

Although it won’t be an easy start-up business, it’s one of the profitable home business ideas in the pandemic.

Online Pet Supplies Store

Just like people can’t buy their own grocery and household essentials in COVID-19, they can’t buy supplies for their beloved pets.

And that’s where you can step in and help the people in need. An online pet supplies store is one of the best small business ideas.

You’ll just need to keep your inventory in check and connect a delivery service to provide door-to-door delivery. 

Online Plant Store

Plantito and plantita movement has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. The movement basically about surrounding oneself with lots of fresh and vibrant plants to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression.

And as people can’t go out to buy plants, you can set up your online plant store where locals can buy the plants they need. Want to know the best thing about this pandemic business? You don’t have to be a plant expert.

Online reseller

Got a few items lying around that you don’t need? Or are your neighbors doing a pandemic-friendly yard sale?

You can pick up the items you don’t need or from your neighbor and start reselling them online to earn a few dollars.

All you need to do is just launch an e-shop, market yourself and engage the audience via social media to resell stuff online.

You can also buy, sell and flip valuable stuff to easily generate a smooth income via reselling.

Online Retail Store

Online Retail Store

Official retail stores of various famous and popular brands are now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they are offering people to retail their products on their online store and easily earn some passive income.

You can contact famous brands around you that are now operating online and help them to reach a bigger audience by retailing their products on your online store. The online retail store pandemic business will easily help you to earn a reasonable sum of money.

Packers & movers business

After COVID-19 took the world by storm, people, businesses, firms, etc., are on the move like crazy.

Offices are shifting from one place to another, whereas some people are migrating from one area to another in significant numbers.

And to facilitate all the movements and migrations, packers and movers’ businesses are seen as the answer to all prayers. 

That’s why starting packers and movers business is one of the most profitable business ideas in the pandemic. Aside from offering competitive rates and providing great customer service,  make sure to keep your client’s furniture and packages safe and secure during transport using shrink films from Millennium Packaging.

Professional, Technical, and Lifestyle Services

Are you a professional musician or a worker in a technical field who’s has been under the devastating after-effects of the pandemic? Don’t worry; you can start a pandemic business from home to provide your professional, technical, and lifestyle services online.

Just like everything else has shifted online, it’s time you join the line too. You can set up your personal website or a social media page where you can provide your professional, technical, or lifestyle services to those in need.

Remote team event coordinator

We are not just mentally but physically apart from each other during the pandemic. And for businesses who are relying on remote work, this is quite drowning. 

That’s why remote teams are always looking for event coordinators who can bring back the bond between their employees.

You can start your remote team event coordinator business and provide remote teams with talented, creative, and lively event coordinators.

Social media services

Social media platforms are the new malls, museums, bars, and clubs in the pandemic. And that’s why every business is looking for professionals who can provide elite social media services to make them relevant and known to the world.

If you have the expertise, there’s no better time than today to launch your own social media management company. Hire professional people for less at freelance websites and then start providing social media services to brands with little to no social media presence. 

Virtual tutoring agency

Last and certainly not least is the virtual tutoring agency pandemic business idea.

You can hire people from different teaching sectors and then connect them with learners on your personal tutoring platform.

Set up memberships, plans, and programs according to your audience and let the people embrace the new way of learning and teaching.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap! From best business to start in pandemic to profitable home business ideas and easy start-up business projects, we laid out everything for you guys. Now it’s on you to pick your journey,

We recommend you guys thoroughly read all the ideas we have collected–and then align your skills and scenario with each one to pick the best business for yourself.

If you feel like we have missed something, or you want to share your story with us, feel free to hit us in the comments section.

So what are you waiting for? Stat your pandemic business venture today and beat out all the odds, and shine like a bright star.

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