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5 Innovative Ways to Keep Your Business Open During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic might just have changed the world and business operations forever. According to Mckinsey & Company, enterprises need to embrace technology and new ways of operating to maintain profitability and keep the business open.

5 Innovative Ways to Keep Your Business Open During COVID

If your business has been affected by the pandemic, you may struggle with a variety of concerns. From profitability to attracting new clients, it is a challenging time.

That’s why you need to embrace technology and innovative ways to show the public that you are “open for business.” Read on to discover creative ways to keep your business going, attract new clientele, and increase sales.

1. Traditional Business? Open Business Accounts Online 

What businesses are open today? Enterprises that embrace technology and run operations online. While traditional businesses and brick-and-mortar shops can survive in this era, it is crucial to show up online.

Creating an online presence doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. You can choose the platform that works best for your business sector and customer expectations. For example, social media can replace a traditional website.

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2. Leverage eCommerce 

Now that your business is online, leverage eCommerce to reach more audiences and keep profits high despite the pandemic impact. If you run a traditional in-person business, setting up an eCommerce site can encourage customers to buy safely and easily.

Consider other platforms to set up your business. Third-party sites like freelance platforms or marketplaces are opportunities to increase sales.

3. Go Virtual 

Does your business rely on in-person meetings? Do you struggle to show customers your products or services in this challenging time? Go virtual!

No need for the “we are open for business” sign. Virtual technology can reach customers regardless of opening or closing times.

Creative Ideas

If you own a restaurant, host a virtual cooking class. Or, if you sell beauty products, create a virtual tutorial with call-to-action buy links. Technology to protect staff, students, patients & customers during the COVID-19 pandemic is key.

4. Convenience Is Key 

Are you making the sale convenient for your customers? For example, do you offer

? Can customers purchase your goods in a few clicks?

As employees continue working remotely, tailor your products or services to reach customers at home. For example, food businesses can try lunchtime delivery for a low or free fee.

5. Differentiate Your Business 

How has your business reacted to COVID-19 protocols? While in many states, masks and social distancing are required, are you going above regulations? Differentiate your business by prioritizing hygiene and safety.

For example, gift your client’s individual hand sanitizer bottles with your business name or logo. Have masks on hand should customers break or lose theirs. Clearly communicate cleaning and hygiene strategy to make customers feel safe.

Keep Your Business Open and Profits High With These Innovative Ideas 

Want to keep your business open and maintain profitability? Embracing innovative ideas and creative ways of operating are key. If you run a traditional business, it’s time you embrace online and technology.

Leverage eCommerce and consider different platforms to sell your goods and services. Virtual meetings or events are a great way to connect with customers and keep everyone safe. Make your business operations easy and convenient for customers.

And finally, how are you differentiating your business? Develop a strategy.

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