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How to Keep Your Business Premises in Tip-Top Condition

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities. For startup owners in particular, you will need to learn how to juggle tasks simultaneously. One key part of running a brand that must never be ignored is maintaining your company premises. Your business premises is important for numerous reasons. If you employ others, it’s your duty to keep everyone safe and protected in the workplace.

Your business premises is a space where members of staff will spend a considerable chunk of time each day. You may also have clients and customers who visit your premises. Here are some tips on maintaining your business premises and ensuring it’s clean, safe, and suitable for everyone to work in.

Inspect the Exterior Regularly

Having a commercial business premise is a huge investment. For that reason, you must keep a close eye on any signs of weakness in the exterior, like cracks. The outside includes many essential components like building materials, doors, vents, and siding. These must be maintained properly to avoid problems later down the line.

It’s also crucial to keep your business premises clean by carrying out commercial carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and window care. When you clean the surfaces of your property, you will find it easier to get rid of dirt, grime, rust, and mould growth. Eradicating these will preserve the structure’s integrity.

Check for Water Damage

If you were to find a water leak in your own home, you would act immediately. You should have the same thought process for your business premises too. Water can be incredibly destructive should you not maintain your business premises. This is because excess water can cause mold and mildew to form, which can be a nightmare to get rid of. These are particularly harmful to those with respiratory problems or allergies.

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Should you spot a water leak, it’s time to look at your roof. You may find a tile has blown off, which could be the root cause. Whatever your concern is, it’s time to check out platforms such as MyBuilder, which can help you find roofers near you. They only display trustworthy and experienced roofers, so you can be confident you’ve got the right person to fix the problem.

Schedule Regular Energy Efficiency Checks

Energy efficiency is essential for commercial buildings. This is because it directly impacts the bottom line. Business owners from all sectors are constantly looking at ways to be eco-friendlier. When you adopt such practices into your operation, this can help reduce day-to-day costs, not to mention do your bit for the environment.

To start with, it’s wise having a business energy audit carried out. Make sure you find a trained professional to conduct this. Such experts will draw up an efficient plan that you can make use of. These may include ensuring appliances are switched off by the wall before employees leave. Another suggestion could be having motion-sensor lighting.

Perform Regular Pest Control Checks

Those who have business premises in a major city or rural area are at a greater risk of pests wreaking havoc inside. Pest control is a critical business premises maintenance tip because of all the health issues certain pests pose. Should you encounter a pest infestation, this can cause real damage to your property. You will likely need the help of the experts, such as those available at, to get rid of a major infestation.

Some of the best ways to prevent pests like mice and rats from entering your business property is by figuring out how they’re getting in and out in the first place. Once you find the entry points, you can seal up the holes. Also, make sure to get rid of clutter. This will make it far easier to detect pests and prevent them from returning.

Perform Routine Maintenance on Equipment

It’s mandatory to perform regular maintenance on equipment in your business premises. For example, if you have office space, equipment like lifts, plumbing, and air conditioning must be checked at least annually. Failing to do this could result in costly and inconvenient problems later.

A good idea is to draw up a checklist of all equipment on your business premises. Doing this will ensure you never forget to sort out important issues. When conducting regular inspections on equipment, this will make sure everything is working correctly and ultimately will keep everyone safe within the building.

Make Cleanliness a Priority

Whether you’ve just launched a business or been in the game for years and years, keeping your premises sparkling clean should be your number one priority. Regular cleaning keeps germs at bay and most importantly, makes sure you’re complying with the health and safety standards employees deserve. A clean workspace has excellent hygiene and cleanliness.

There are numerous tasks you can do yourself or hire others to do. These include decluttering, cleaning equipment, mopping the floors, and maintaining the tidiness of shared areas. Make sure that desks, door handles, and bins are disinfected regularly too.

Conduct Risk Assessments

In any business premises, there will be hazards that you need to be aware of. Your employee’s health and wellbeing come before anything else, so now is the time to conduct a risk assessment. Going around your space and identifying causes for concern will protect employees and prevent the chance of workplace injury.

One risk assessment isn’t enough. Once you’ve conducted your first, you need to get into the habit of performing a risk assessment annually. In a nutshell, risk assessments are in place to boost workplace health and safety. Once you know the hazards in your business premises, you can eliminate their risks.

Secure Your Premises

Keeping your business premises secure is crucial for keeping both your employees and equipment safe. During opening hours, you may wish to employ a security guard to handle daytime security, as well as monitor who comes in and out of your building. Technology is a key part of business security measures. It’s pretty much expected that businesses should have CCTV in place. This acts as a useful deterrent, and provides vital evidence should a crime be committed on-site.

There are other measures you should have in place regarding safety too. These include having an electronic entry system installed. That way, only authorized people can gain access to particular areas of the building. When you’re not at your business premises, it’s wise to install door shutters. These will keep your premises safe overnight.

Speak to Employees

Finally, it’s important that you speak with employees about the importance of keeping your business premises clean and tidy. While there are numerous tasks that will lie on your shoulders, there are others that your staff should be doing to help out and ultimately, keep everyone safe.

For example, having notices around the office will remind employees to follow your protocols. These may include washing your hands regularly, making sure devices are switched off properly, and keeping desks clutter-free.

The essential functions provided by your company premises highlight why it’s essential to keep your space well-maintained. There are a variety of tasks on your shoulders like those above that you should be doing regularly. Failing to do so could put you, your employees, clients, and customers at risk.

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