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Nine Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Recruitment Agency Services

With all the difficulty in hiring these days, businesses need all the help that they can get. Hiring agencies are used all the time and with good reason. Finding the right talent is hard enough but securing that talent can feel almost impossible.

Thankfully, with a hiring agency in your corner, your business can get precisely the talent that you have been looking for. Here are nine reasons in particular why your business should be using a recruitment agency to land the best talent.

1. Less Overtime Pay

Instead of putting additional demands on what may already be an overworked staff, businesses can turn to a hiring agency to bring in temporary workers. This can be particularly important during times where business is particularly busy.

This helps in more ways than one. It saves money by limiting overtime, which is ultimately more costly because it is either 1.5 or 2x regular pay. There is also the savings of burnout from full-time employees. When regular employees get overworked, their work suffers in the long run. And when that happens, the business as a whole can and will begin to suffer.

2. Reducing Overhead

Maintaining a budget is one of the most important things that any business can do. The simple fact of the matter is that permanent employees cost much more than just their salary. There are retirement plans, vacation and sick days, and taxes, among other things.

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But using hiring agencies means getting temporary workers. They don’t have nearly the same overhead as those permanent employees. When there are spikes in business, in particular, your business can save money by deploying part-time employees as opposed to their much more expensive full-time counterparts.

3. Save on Training Time

Training can be a huge drain on both time and finances. Especially when it comes to temporary employees, businesses don’t want to waste all that time and money on employees who are only going to be there a few months.

When hiring through a staffing agency, businesses have the peace of mind in knowing that they aren’t committed to that employee. They can part ways smoothly and then go back to the traditional staffing that may have worked for the rest of the year, all of which means saving time, money, and effort that would have otherwise been wasted.

4. Fills Short-Term Staffing Needs

Just about any organization is going to have a need for short-term staffing. Whether it is due to a seasonal rush, to fill in for full-time staff that is out temporarily or just to take care of the little things that pass through the cracks, it is a necessity.

Using an agency means finding the right staff to fill those needs. There are a lot of part-time employees out there but finding the right fits for your organization can make a huge difference. With a staffing agency, you don’t have to spend time sifting through all the potential applicants.

5. Handling Onboarding and Payroll

Perhaps the biggest reason why a business would want to use a staffing agency is that they can do more than fill staff. Among them, staffing agencies can handle things such as onboarding paperwork, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment benefits, and payroll taxes for those temporary employees.

Businesses can be totally hands-off when it comes to the temporary employees that they bring on board. It can mean even more time committed to the business at large while also getting the staffing help that was needed from the start.

6. Increases ROI

Sometimes employers may need a part-time employee who is more of a specialist or serves a specific purpose. Hiring those specialized employees can become quite a bit more costly, especially during the hiring process.

But having a recruitment agency means that all of that is simpler. Not only that, it means saving a lot of time in the recruitment and hiring process that would have otherwise been wasted.

All while finding the right specialist to fill the role, which is the most important thing, to begin with. Businesses can fill their needs easily and ensure that they get the right specialist for the job.

7. Unique Industry Market Knowledge

The process of finding the right candidate for a job sounds as if it is simple but it is much more difficult than employees realize. And one of the biggest benefits of going with a recruitment agency is that they can gain access to insider knowledge of all the skilled candidates available.

This can mean gaining access to not only passive and active available skilled employees, but salary ranges and even local market trends as well. The information obtained can be just as valuable as the employee who gets hired in the end.

8. Hiring Quickly

There are times where getting someone to fill the staff role immediately is of the utmost importance. Going through a long hiring process would prove to be highly detrimental to the business as a whole, so getting someone in place has to happen and happen soon.

With a staffing agency, filling those roles quickly is a regular occurrence. There are even times where those staffing agencies can fill a position with a qualified, talented applicant in less than 24 hours. This is partly because hiring firms have a comprehensive network of potential candidates available to them at all times.

9. Greater Reach

The single biggest advantage that a hiring agency has over any single business is that they have spent years building up their talent network. This comes through direct networking, referrals, and speaking directly to candidates on a regular basis.

No single organization is going to have that kind of network available to them. And having a great reach thanks to that network means finding the right person for the job far more quickly. There are more than a few advantages of using a hiring agency but this may be the single biggest one that is available.


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