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3 Attention-Grabbing Business Sign Ideas to Know

Have you ever heard the phrase “judge a book by its cover?” Maybe you have even been guilty of the act. A book’s colorful jacket, illustrations, and typography can attract or deter you from reading or buying.

3 Attention-Grabbing Business Sign Ideas to Know

Have you considered these reactions could translate to your business signs? If your business sign is outdated, broken, or in need of a redesign, you could be sending the wrong message to potential customers.

And wouldn’t it be a shame for your image and bottom line to drive away customers and profits?

That’s why you need to consider these creative business sign ideas. These are the ultimate design ideas to put your business’s best foot forward. Investing in a sign can be a costly endeavor.

But the durability and quality of a great business sign will create a long-term investment for your company. Read on to discover these inspiring sign ideas!

1. Use Metal Signs for Business 

Metals like steel are some of the most durable and quality materials you can use to create the perfect sign for your business. Consider metal to be your ultimate blank canvas. You can create cut-out designs, impose logos or mix and match materials.

While metal is well-recognized as a modern material, you can also use it to create a more antique or vintage look. For example, over time, copper takes on a blue and green tint.

This can add texture and color to your business sign. But, rest assured that the brilliant and shiny properties of any metal are sure to be attention-grabbing.

2. Go Bold and Colorful 

Did you know color can affect our mood, habits, and outlook? The psychology of color can help to attract customers to your business.

While neutral colors may work for some businesses, bold hues and interesting design can engage the eye. For example, a deep blue spa business sign can evoke calmness and serenity. Consider color when designing your outdoor business signs.

3. Light It Up

Incorporating light into your business sign design is a great way to attract attention and create a beautiful appearance. Besides aesthetic purposes, lights can help keep your business secure and signal to customers that you are open even after dark.

Light, like metal, allows you to add your unique business style or point of view. For example, you could create a retro light design that recalls a vintage era. Or, you can use modern and bold typography to create a clean design.

But, you may have concerns about creating the light design or what voltage to use. A professional business sign maker can answer these questions.

These Business Sign Ideas Can Transform Your Brand and Attract Customers

To grab your customer’s attention you will need creative and interesting business sign ideas. From metal to eye-catching lighting, these ideas can transform the appearance of your business, help create brand awareness and attract customers.

Don’t be afraid to mix metal materials or choose something unique like steel or copper. Color is more than a shade, but it has the power to evoke emotions and actually attract customers to come to your place of business.

And, when in doubt, a lit sign can illuminate the way! If you found these business lighting tips helpful, check out our other business stories.


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