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Start A Profitable Business With Just $10K : A Complete Guide For Beginners

Are you wondering what business to start with 10K? Many successful business owners began with little to no funding. But with $10,000 in your pocket, you can pursue more lucrative business ideas from the get-go.Trust me, with this amount, the business possibilities are endless. Whether you want to start one from the comfort of your own home or a side hustle, you can launch a business that fits your lifestyle and skillset. So, let’s get started! 

18 Businesses To Start With 10K USD Investment

Here are some of my top business ideas to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey with $10,000:

1. E-commerce Business

Skill level: Intermediate We live in the age of online shopping. So, there’s never been a better time to launch your eCommerce storePrioritize your investments if you want an online business to start with 10k. Save up on your $10,000 by stocking up on inventory. This will provide you with tangible assets that will generate revenue over the coming month. Set aside a small budget, no more than $1,000, for setting up your website and other necessities, but don’t break the bank on branding just yet. You can always improve and refine your website and branding once you’ve gained traction and customer interest.So, don’t miss out on the eCommerce revolution. You can easily start your e-commerce store in 10k and watch as your inventory becomes your greatest asset on the road to success.

Tips To Start your eCommerce Store: 

  • Invest most of your money into inventory 
  • Ensure that your business domain and social media pages are available
  • Invest in social media to capture and share your story
  • Connect with similar creators in your domain
  • Start building a community of potential buyers

Use email marketing to promote your business and boost your sales. You can buy email lists online if you have an inadequate amount of email addresses in your email list.

2. Staging Business

Skill Level: IntermediateHome staging might be your calling if you’re looking for a new passion project. While there’s no official license or certification needed to start, we suggest taking courses or shadowing an experienced professional to fully grasp the intricacies of the trade.To get your venture off the ground, you’ll need furnishings, accents, and artwork, which you can either rent or purchase from consignment stores or wholesale suppliers. If you decide to establish your stock, it’s best to stick to a budget to start and gradually expand as you secure more clients. Alternatively, you can start your business without any inventory, as Staging Studio suggests on TikTok.

Tips to Start Your Staging Business: 

  • Offer free home staging consultation (you can use the client’s existing furniture initially)
  • Build inventory with the help of Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, and other resale websites
  • Create a referral network by partnering with local real estate agents. 
  • Build your website showcasing your work

3. Picture Framing Business

Skill Level: IntermediateWith the option to run your framing business online or from a physical storefront, the possibilities are endless. Your customers will either bring in or ship their artwork or photos to you, and you’ll handle the rest. The key to success in this business is making your customers happy, ensuring they return time and again.If you decide to open a physical location, consider a more cost-effective location, as framing isn’t typically an impulsive purchase. But regardless of whether you choose to go the storefront or online route, having a strong online presence is crucial to success. This means having a visually appealing website that ranks well in local search engine results.Running your framing business entirely online has benefits, such as lower overhead costs and the potential to reach customers worldwide. However, keep in mind that you’ll also be competing with other online framing services and may have to factor in shipping costs for you and your customers.

Tips To Start A Picture Framing Business: 

  • Decide whether you want to run your business from a storefront or online
  • Purchase wood, plastic, metal, cutters, and other similar inventory to make frames (if you cannot buy, rent)
  • Market your services to local photographers, schools, charities, and other small businesses. 

4. Hairstyling Business

Skill level: ExpertStarting a cosmetology business can be cost-effective, even with a budget of less than $10,000. Consistency and positive word-of-mouth referrals are crucial to establishing and retaining a loyal client base.Social media, specifically Facebook groups, can also play a role in attracting new customers. By actively engaging in these groups and highlighting your business offerings and portfolio, you can reach a wider audience and increase your visibility.However, the problem with this business is that you must have some experience in the field. Otherwise, you will ruin your investment (and other people’s hair). 

Tips To Start A Hairstyling Business

  • Start by establishing yourself as a pro by styling the hair of your friends and family.
  • Create your business’s Instagram/Facebook page and post images/videos of your work.
  • Have a flexible schedule and go out of your way to satisfy your customers
  • Offer referral discounts

5. Hauling Services 

Skill level: BeginnerHauling services can be another very good business to start with 10k. Everybody needs to remove junk. People are cleaning their houses, removing natural debris, moving to new places, etc. So, you can solve their problem. However, starting a junk hauling business requires a truck that can handle large items. Building relationships with the dump, junkyard, recycling and scrap-metal yard operators can provide a destination for the hauls and lead to recommendations. Offer your services to homes and businesses needing to dispose of larger items not accepted by regular garbage collectors. Target light industry areas and reach out to homes through direct mail during spring cleaning season. Consistently delivering prompt and thorough service will generate positive word of mouth for your business.

Tips to Start A Hauling Service

  • Ensure compliance with state licensing requirements.
  • Establish relationships with local disposal options
  • Get a truck large enough to haul stuff
  • Invest in basic inventory like straps, tarps, and tools
  • Advertise in local newspapers, Craigslist, and other online resources.

6. In-home Massage Therapy Business

Skill Level: ExpertWe all want to prioritize wellness in our lives. But life gets busy, making it difficult to maintain a regular appointment schedule. This is where in-home massage therapy businesses come into play. You can capitalize on the growing demand for deep tissue and prenatal massages. It has an average hourly rate of $60 and the potential to earn even more based on location and services offered.Sure, getting a certification from a massage therapy school is a significant investment. But it saves money by avoiding traditional massage studio overhead costs. Complete your setup with essential equipment like a portable massage table, oils, a sound machine, etc. 

Tips To Start Your In-Home Massage Therapy Business:

  • Complete a massage therapy certification.
  • Purchase inventory like massage oils, oil diffusers, etc. 
  • Market your services online

7. Window Treatment Business

Skill level: IntermediateA window treatment business is another great small business to start with 10k. It offers a unique combination of sales and installation services. You can capitalize on the growing demand for personalized and high-quality window treatment by operating from a storefront or promoting your business online. Showcase the different colors, textures, and brands of window treatments and provide samples to customers for a more immersive experience. Invest in a beautiful website with gorgeous photos and customer testimonials to enhance your brand image. Tap into the potential for high profits and improved home appeal with window treatments that add aesthetic value and reduce energy costs.

Tips to Start Your Window Treatment Businesses:

  • Decide whether to run your business from home or you need an office
  • Choose your target market (homeowners or offices?)
  • Get inventory from wholesale by talking to other window treatment professional 
  • Develop your website and promote your services

8. Event and Party Rentals 

Skill level: BeginnerStarting an event and party rental business is another exciting and profitable venture. While the initial investment may seem substantial, ranging from $5,000 to $9,000, the return on investment can also be high as demand for event and party rentals continues to grow.To optimize your investment, you can start small by offering basic rental equipment. Gradually expand your inventory as your business grows. Research the needs and preferences of your target market to ensure that your equipment offerings align with your client’s needs. Once your business takes off, you can step into related rental services like decorative backdrops, catering, etc. 

Tips to Start Your Event Rentals Business:

  • Determine an event type to specialize in
  • Purchase necessary equipment, decorations, etc. 
  • Rent a truck to transport items.
  • Create an eye-catching website showing photos of your work

9. Home Food Business

Skill Level: ExpertStarting a home-based food business can provide an opportunity for those who excel in cooking. With this type of business, you can prepare food in your kitchen and either deliver or have clients pick up the food. To succeed, consider creating a unique offering not widely available in your area, such as homemade tamales or lobster rolls. Invest in kitchen equipment, keep safety in mind, and comply with local food licensing laws. A vehicle may be necessary for deliveries. Promote your business through word of mouth, offering free samples to local organizations and participating in events where people gather. Remember, your product quality will be your best advertisement. So, you can expect substantial profits with positive word of mouth.

Tips to Start Your Home Food Business:

  • Research and identify niche areas you can specialize in to stand out.
  • Get supplies you’ll need to start your business, including a kitchen upgrade if necessary.
  • Obtain necessary licenses and permits for food businesses in your area
  • Connect with local function halls, clubs, schools, and houses of worship to find potential catering opportunities. 
  • Offer free samples of your food to generate initial buzz. 

10. Senior Care Business

Skill Level: BeginnerAs the aging population grows, the demand for senior care services increases. Seniors often prefer to remain in their homes rather than move to expensive care homes. This non-medical business focuses on providing seniors with daily care and support, such as meal preparation and personal hygiene. Starting a senior care business requires more than just a caring demeanor. Although the overhead costs are low, including a vehicle and basic supplies, obtaining a license and training may be required in most states. Applying to accept payments from Medicare and Medicaid is also necessary. It’s crucial to have CPR and first-aid knowledge and to secure insurance coverage, which can consume a big portion of your budget.To build a client base, network at senior centers, veterans’ clubs, and other community spaces. Word-of-mouth among older adults is a powerful marketing tool, and your client base can quickly grow after your first few clients.

Tips To Start Your Senior Care Business

  • Get the necessary training and certification.
  • Acquire a vehicle and basic supplies, such as toiletries and first-aid kits, for transportation and personal care.
  • Brush up on CPR and first-aid techniques to provide the highest level of care. 
  • Network and build relationships with senior centers, veterans’ clubs, and community organizations to grow your client base.

11. Childcare Services

Skill level: BeginnerStarting childcare services is another great business to start with 10k. You can run it in various ways, from traditional babysitting to setting up a daycare center at your place. Whatever route you go, keep in mind that most states require childcare providers to obtain a liscence. It involves a background check and completion of various courses like first aid. Check your state’s social justice department for more information on getting the liscence. If you decide to open your childcare center, it will require more initial investment. This may involve getting a childcare liscence, insurance, and supplies to create an inviting family environment. To save costs, you can run the daycare center from your home. 

Tips To Start Your Childcare Services Business

  • Get the requisite liscence
  • Brainstorm engaging activities for children
  • Get supplies like cribs, high chairs, toys, etc. 
  • Connect with parents

12. Carpet Installation Business

Skill Level: IntermediateCarpet installation remains a crucial aspect of commercial real estate. Many establishments, such as offices, hotels, apartments, and restaurants, require carpeted floors. If you’re considering starting a carpet installation business, showcasing your work by creating a website and pictures of your previous installations is essential.To get started, you’ll need the basic tools for installation, transportation, and a budget for marketing and advertising. To scout for customers, you can approach flooring store managers who might outsource installation services, offering you an opportunity to provide your services.Various resources, such as trade magazines and professional organizations, are available to help you succeed in this industry. Advertise your services through Craigslist, local newspapers, and radio stations to reach potential customers. Ask satisfied clients for references to help build your business’s reputation and attract more clients.

Tips To Start Your Carpet Installation Business

  • Network with carpet wholesalers
  • Obtain licenses, insurance, permits, etc
  • Purchase inventory like carpet cutters, knee-kickers, seam rollers, carpet knives, and power stretchers
  • Offer a competitive price

13. Moving Business

Skill Level: BeginnerStarting a moving business can be another lucrative option if you live in a city. People will always continue to relocate, whether individuals, families or other businesses. Its demand stays fairly consistent throughout the year. But the best thing is that you can start small. If you don’t have time initially, you can work weekends and start building your reputation. There’s plenty of room to scale your business depending on time, resources, and will. You can also offer complementary services like buying and selling second-hand goods, packing, and unboxing services, specializing in fragile or antique objects and temporary storage options, etc. 

Tips To Start Your Moving Business

  • Define your target market.
  • Set up a pricing structure on the basis of mileage, home size, etc
  • Obtain necessary licenses to operate a moving business in your area (long-distance movers have to comply with the US Department of Transportation)
  • Rent a truck or a van
  • Get basic moving equipment like hand trucks, gloves, trolleys, packaging materials, etc.
  • Market your services through local print ads, flyers, WOM, and personal referrals.

14. Pet Grooming Business

Skill Level: BeginnerPeople are passionate about their pets and often wish they had more time to take care of them. With a pet grooming business, you can help owners ease their guilt while ensuring their furry friends are clean, well-groomed, and pampered.Starting a pet grooming business doesn’t require any formal education or certification. However, it’s essential to have a genuine love for pets and patience, and a comprehensive insurance policy. A mobile pet grooming business is a highly convenient option recently gaining popularity. You’ll need a reliable vehicle to transport your grooming supplies, but pets don’t need to be transported. A mobile pet spa is a unique twist on the traditional pet grooming business, perfect for pet owners who don’t have the time or energy to bring their pets to a physical grooming studio.Word of mouth is crucial in this business. Start by advertising your services in local pet shops and pet supply stores, and don’t hesitate to be proactive. Hand out flyers at dog parks, use direct mail to reach potential clients with pets or pet supplies, and offer to groom a few pets for free. 

Tips To Start Your Pet Grooming Business

  • Research training opportunities available in your area
  • Learn basic grooming skills 
  • Get a basic understanding of animal behavior and response
  • Connect with pet owners

15. Photography Business

Skill Level: ExpertIf you like taking pictures, you can turn your passion into a business. You can go for family portraits, pet photos, graduation pictures, and product or event photography. However, Starting a portrait photography business requires more than just a good eye and a camera. To succeed, you’ll need to invest in quality equipment, including lighting, studio space, and cameras. You’ll also need to hone your people and kid skills, as getting subjects to cooperate for a shoot can be challenging.To get started, consider offering your services free to build a portfolio and create a website to showcase your work once you have a few clients under your belt. Target local organizations, schools, sports teams, and houses of worship that often need photographers. You can also work with local models to trade your services and build both portfolios.Keep in mind that pricing is key, as even major retailers like Target offer portrait photography services. Do some market research to see what the competition is charging and aim to offer exceptional work at a competitive price.

Tips To Start Your Photography Business

  • Purchase a professional camera, and editing software
  • Set a niche by trying different types of photography
  • Set up Insta or Facebook page to post your creations
  • Advertise

16. Flower Truck Business

Skill Level: BeginnerThis is another great option for a mobile business that requires no prior experience or skills. Purchase a truck or a cargo van, which you can get for as low as $5000, put some flowers on display, and sell. To get the best rates, purchase flowers from a local wholesale seller. You can divide the truck into different compartments like sports for fresh flowers, greens, promotional items (decals, totes, notecards, etc. and an operations/wrapping area. Once everything is set, partner with local influencers to get the word out. Parking up your vehicle in high-traffic areas like commercial districts etc can also be a great idea. Note: In some communities, getting a permit can be a challenge. Make an appointment with your city business license department to ensure your plan fits into an existing approval process. 

Tips To Start Your Flower Truck Business

  • Paint your truck in bright colors to stand out from the rest
  • Obtain necessary permits
  • Generally, price your flowers three times the cost
  • Spread happiness

17. Digital Marketing Agency

Skill Level: ExpertAn average person spends about 6 hours daily consuming online content. That’s why businesses spend around $350 billion annually on digital marketing to tap into their potential. If you know digital marketing, you can set up your digital marketing agency for less than $10,000. Typical services of a digital marketing agency include social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, graphic designing, and Facebook/Google ads. Usually, digital marketing services are for $80 to $180 per hour. However, initially, you should stay at the lower end of the price spectrum. Your major expense will mainly be marketing yourself. Therefore go for a profit margin of 90%. 

Tips To Start Your Digital Marketing Agency

  • Determine a few services to focus on
  • Create a pricing structure accordingly 
  • Set up your business website with a blog category
  • Market your knowledge of social media

18. Traveling Agency

Skill level: ExpertEveryone loves to travel. But most people do not love the endless research and planning to visit their dream location. And that’s where you can help. The US has a massive $35 billion industry that offers a real opportunity for travel-loving entrepreneurs. By starting your own online travel agency, you can shoulder some of the traveler’s burden and ease their anxiety. This way, they can enjoy their vacation while you enjoy a handsome profit. A win-win for both parties! The good thing is that you can have multiple income streams with such a business. Travel vendors like hotels and airlines usually pay about 10% commission. Some travel agents also charge a consultation fee ($30 to $50) for each booking. Initially, you can work from home and slowly move to a physical location once your business grows. Even if you sell five two-person vacations a week, this means $78,000 in annual revenue. 

Tips To Start Your Travel Agency

  • Select your business model, i.e., independent travel agent, host agency, or franchise.
  • Get required licenses and permits from your local, state, and federal government.
  • You will need typical office equipment like a computer, software, internet, and phone system. 
  • Set up your website and market your services 


Is 10k Enough To Start A Business?

Yes, 10k is more than enough to start various kinds of businesses. You can explore online stores, food businesses, home-based businesses, and service-based options. 

What Business Can I Start With 10k As A Student

If you’re a student, you can go for businesses like freelancing, online tutoring, dropshipping, pet sitting, child & elder care, dog walking, food truck, flower truck, etc.  

What Is The Best Business To Start With 10k

Well, it will vary depending on your interests and business goals. You can go for stocks, crypto, franchising, small business, etc. Consult with a financial advisor to determine the best strategy depending on your unique skillset and interests. 

What Is The Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k?

While some businesses tend to be more profitable than others, it isn’t always so. Starting the most profitable business depends on factors like market demand, competition, and personal skills and interests. Conduct thorough market research and consider your interests before starting a business to increase your chances of success. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t let limited funds hold you back from starting your own business! Although it may be tough and take some time, you can make it happen with hard work and commitment. If you’re looking for a business to start with 10k, we’ve got some great ideas for you to consider. We’ve tried to include as many options as possible, but there are so many possibilities. Just make sure to choose something you’ll enjoy doing. Good luck!

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