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How to Build a Business Website in 30 Minutes with Simple Website Builder

In the present-day business world, almost every business and company needs a website. It allows the people in finding you, describes who you are, and let people know your services or products even before visiting your physical outlet. So, if you are planning to start a business, having a website is a must.

The tricky part, however, is the selection of the type of website and its cost. Let’s classify them into two main categories, i.e. simple and complex sites. The first step is to know which one to choose. Let’s discuss the crucial difference between the two.

Simple websites

The websites that are not demanding to maintain are simple websites, and they are the least expensive. The simple sites are easygoing, and you can easily alter multiple changes in it without any difficulty. You can control what you need to add or remove from your website.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose a simple website as they are quite easy to use and cheap to create and maintain.  You can also use a trustworthy, free resource like Design Bombs for creating a website without much investment.

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Complex websites

The complex websites are relatively difficult to manage, and they cost more both in terms of creation and maintenance. But the complex sites are duly required for businesses that intend visitors interaction and engagement with the site other than the information of the request form.

These websites save your time and money if built properly. The complex websites are generally used for selling your products or services online. You can have everything from order placement to tracking, discounts and loyalty programs and a lot more with such type of website.

If your business model requires such a complex website, ideally you should look for a professional website development service.

But, if you are starting up on an idea that requires a simple website, you can surely do it yourself within minutes and that too without the help of any expert. Let’s see how this works!

How simple website could be built in 30 min?

A simple website can be built within 30 minutes with the help of simple website builder as the website builder contain different features that help in making your site within no time. Here are some most prominent features that makes a website builder an ideal choice for non-techie business owners.

1- Templates

There are multiple templates and themes available online which you can use according to your selected category. Normally, all the themes and templates that you choose within the website builder are free of cost and easy to edit.

2- Drag and drop

Editing the content and media on website using a website builder is as easy as one two three. You can do it simply by dragging and dropping. You can easily drag and drop different elements and manage your site according to your interest. You can remove the previous items and add new features of your choice.

3- Coding

There is no coding required for building the simple website with the website builder — no need to learn about the HTML and CSS. You can add different elements without any coding even sliders can be easily added.

4- SEO settings

You can easily set the on-page SEO settings easily as different options are available in it so that you can rank your site on the search engines like Google and it takes not more than 5 minutes.

5- Contact details and Google map form

You can make the addition of the contact details so that your users can easily contact you. There is an option of adding a Google map form so that the consumers can see your location and this develops a level of trust in them.


The Bottom Line:

It is not difficult to add many exciting features on your simple website, and it does not take more than 30 minutes to build a professional website. So, if you are planning to start a small business or you already have one and looking to build a simple website, save your time and money with website builder.

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