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Creating a Better Future: The Cab Calloway Foundation

In these trying times, we need to be able to see the goodness that is present in all of us. The threat of the virus and the many lives that it has affected has deeply impacted how we see the world and ourselves.

Some have even suffered from mental health issues, anxiety, and depression, and as most experts agree, the best way to combat this negative feeling is to do something good for yourself and those around you.

Creating a Better Future: The Cab Calloway Foundation

By engaging in activities that promote your mental health such as eating well, exercising, focusing on positive thoughts and emotions, helping others and getting enough sleep, and not stressing yourself are but a few of the ways that you can do self-care.

However, feeling good about yourself takes action, you just cannot force yourself to be happy if you are not. Altruism or helping others bring about positive emotions and this can make you feel better, by knowing that you have contributed to a good cause.

This is why helping organizations like the Cab Calloway Foundation can do you more good than just giving away money. When you donate to a cause you are contributing to how that cause affects and improves other people’s lives.

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What is The Cab Calloway Foundation 

The Cab Calloway Foundation is a non-profit organization that has focused on providing educational support to schools, teachers, and students through their fund, initiate, and advocate campaign.

The foundation had been funding after school programs and other programs that support the arts, music, language, science, and math. Its advocacy is founded on the belief that each child has a set of intelligence and tapping into them early on makes them better learners and students in the future.

The foundation was set up in 1995 after the death of Cab Calloway, but it was in 2003 that it became a non-profit and has ever since made significant contributions to schools and communities. By recognizing the need of schools for support in providing quality school programs for children, the foundation has been able to change and inspire teachers and students to maximize their learning experiences where the arts and sciences go together.

The foundation has funded hundreds of summer programs and after school programs in schools where these are sorely lacking and underfunded.

It has proven that a well-thought-out and designed school program can help children discover their potentials and be able to pursue the different tracks and training that will help them realize their talents and abilities.

The foundation strongly believes that the key to social equality is through education and by investing in the education of the youth, we are building better opportunities for them and a brighter future in the long run.

The Cab Calloway Foundation has twenty-five years of experience and tracks record and its programs have been able to impact and improve so many lives that you can not go wrong in donating to the foundation.

Why You Should Donate To The Cab Calloway Foundation 

Donating to a non-profit organization like the Cab Calloway Foundation is always a good thing, it is an altruistic action that although you are spending money or giving it away, you are also getting something far greater than what your money could buy.

When you help others, it inspires positive emotions and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, that you know that you are doing something good. Also, by donating a certain amount to a foundation, who has better resources and more experience, will be able to use your money on a greater scale, which means that it could potentially help more than if you used that money to give away to a handful of people.

Moreover, you can always use your donation for tax exemptions and this could be beneficial to you at the end of the year. so if you are looking for a noble cause and you have a certain amount that you want to spread some goodness with, then donate to the Cab Calloway Foundation.

How To Reach The Cab Calloway Foundation

If you have decided to donate to the Cab Calloway Foundation, and it is a decision that you certainly should be proud of.

The next thing to do is to contact the foundation and probably make your intentions known, the foundation has its website and you can do your research on it to find out more about its goals and mission. The website has engaging materials and a video that shows you the work that the foundation has done in different schools across the country and the current programs that they are involved in.

The foundation’s mission is steeped in lifelong learning and innovation in education, and this is very evident in the work that they do. The Cab Calloway School for the Arts is a magnet middle and high school that has a hundred percent graduation rate and it is living proof that innovations in education can lead to better outcomes and student learning.

The website lists the contact information of the foundation and who you can reach out to. There is also a button for donations if you would want to donate, then you simply click on the button and it will help you through the process.

The Legacy of Cab Calloway Foundation 

By bringing attention to the plight and needs of middle and high schools in Black American communities and proving that educational innovations such as summer programs and a well-designed curriculum where the arts and sciences are of equal footing, children can thrive and reach their dreams of getting a college education.

The legacy of the Cab Calloway Foundation is built on the idea that curiosity fuels a child’s creativity and imagination and that by harnessing such, we can build better school programs that address those specific needs.

When they are given such opportunities, they see themselves in a different light, they become more confident, have a stronger sense of self-esteem, and believe that they can achieve whatever they set out to do.

So do something good for your heart and others. Donate now to the Cab Calloway Foundation.


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