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Cajutel; Empowering West Africa with Affordable High Speed Internet

Since its inception, the internet has revolutionized the world. It’s not just about connecting people faster, but doing business, exploring new markets, educating masses, bringing new ideas into life and building a better world overall.

Now a day, the internet is affecting almost every aspect of our lives; from the way we do business to the options we spend money online and offline, travel to the world or bond socially. There may be a few unethical practices being carried out, but mainly internet is playing all good!

Internet made India the biggest outsourcing market, enabled China to sell faster across the world, and there’s a special achievement for almost every other country. However, the world is bigger and there are places without internet too.

Cajutel is taking step to elevate this deprivation by building the infrastructure that brings reliable high-speed broadband internet at affordable prices to West Africa.

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It’s in fact a big step to improve the lives in the region by making education and business affordable and accessible. This will provide millions of user first time access to the wealth of knowledge that exists online.

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Cajutel will start with Guinea-Bissau where 98% of the population has never had access to the internet on their mobile devices.  With the high speed-internet, they all will come online for the first time. Besides that, the 2% online population uses slow, unreliable and highly expensive internet which is the main hindrance in economic development and the social progress!

Thumbs up for Cajutel, everyone in Guinea-Bissau should be waiting to have you there! On the other hand, it should be investor’s hotspot, as the GDP increase in the last year was 4.8%. As shareholder of Cajutel, the investors can enjoy first movers’ market share.

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Cajutel in Their Own Words:

Cajutel Inc is crowdsourcing it’s buildup of high speed 4G internet infrastructure for West Africa (Guinea-Bissau & Guinea). The network brings affordable internet to millions of people in a country where currently only 1-2% can access the internet.

This is a Greenfield approach including solar powered infrastructure and will build out the countries backbone from scratch.

What Brings Cajutel to the Spotlight:

It’s bringing superfast solar powered internet to West Africa.

Cajutel Website:

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