Call Center Reporting: Why It Matters and How to Make the Most of It

Did you know that 71% of consumers leave a business if the customer service is poor?

Gone are the days when call agents and workers were enough to manage calls in a firm. Today, the business environment has become very competitive, making it necessary for businesses to advance their call center reporting systems. 

A call center reporting system helps businesses to measure their performance, check their client’s needs, and boost their business-client relationship. If you would like to streamline your daily business activities, read on to know more about call center reporting, and how you can make the most of it.

Call Center Reporting: Why It Matters and How to Make the Most of It

Contact center reporting is the process of collecting helpful insights from your contact center’s systems. It involves the use of an automatic call distributor which provides both the historical and real-time data from your call centers.

The reports you get from the call centers can include the call records, the call agents’ information, activity reports, etc. You can convert them into charts or graphs to measure the performance of your business for a specified period.

The common call center report samples which you may collect from your call centers include:

  • Call details reports- these reports show when the call was made, how long the call took, and the identification of the caller
  • Call abandon reports- they show the number of calls that were abandoned during a specific period
  • Call agent reports- they show when the agent was busy, put the call on hold, was absent, idle, and so on
  • Call agent reports- they provide a comprehensive report of how each agent responded to incoming calls

The call center reporting software may also show the call summary for the week, month, or year. You can then use the call center metrics to determine their effects on sales during that period.

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Benefits of Call Center Reporting

A great call reporting software can provide a handy solution if you receive a large volume of daily calls. The tool can assist your call center service team in streamlining business operations. Here are the main benefits which make call center reporting important to businesses.

Enhances Customer Service

Your customers should have a service center where they can express their views, complaints, and seek advice. And when they call, they expect prompt and professional feedback. Call center reporting processes can provide a smoother transition in the customer service team, and improve customer service.

Improves Business Efficiency

Call center reporting tools to help you to manage your clients’ calls more effectively. They also provide real-time data to help you plan well and correct the things which drag you back. Improved efficiency translates to more business sales and more profits.

Improves Security

Security is a significant concern for every call center. You always face the risk of losing your vital customer data or your business information. The advanced call center reporting tools provide maximum security to your customer data and company information. 

Most of the reporting software has cloud backups, which means that you cannot lose your data, even when a third party interferes with the systems.

Improves Business Management

You can easily identify the poor performing employees in your call centers and take action on them. 

Also, the charts you draw from the calls can help you make a long-lasting decision for your business. Thus, a great call center analytics reporting system can help you improve your business management processes.

How to Make the Most of Call Center Reporting

A call center reporting tool cannot automatically improve your call center operations. You still need to make some efforts to get the most out of it and improve the performance of your business in general. Here are great tips to help you improve reporting processes in your business:

Understand What Your Customers Want

Listen to your clients’ complaints and remarks to know what they want. The information you get will help you provide the best satisfactory services to them.

Understand the Current Data

Find out the current metrics in your call center reports. Study the current graphs, and identify the areas where you have been going wrong. From there, you will be better placed to make helpful decisions for the future. 

Monitor Your Metrics Regularly

Watch the progress of your call center every day. You can do it weekly, although daily monitoring will be more effective. It will also help you stop a wrong trend before it worsens. Note that daily monitoring might be involving and you might need to hire more employees. 

Implement a Correction Plan

Develop a strong corrective approach for poor habits or trends. Otherwise, you will be not be helping by noting the wrong trends and leaving them. Inform your call center reporting team immediately when you note the poor reporting trends.

Invest in the Best Call Center Reporting Software

Poor software can add more problems to your call center reporting team. Remember that the primary role of the software is to improve efficiency, and not to worsen the processes. Review the available tools in the market, consider their features and choose the best one for your firm.

Improve Training

Teach your call center reporting team how you expect them to work. 

A one-time training may not be enough if you want to remain competitive. Keep an eye on the current business trends, and hold refresher training programs to keep them up to speed with what’s happening.

Hire the Right Team

Watch the people you hire in your call center reporting team. The right candidate will require minimal training and will deliver excellent results. The right person should have great communication skills, a positive attitude, and should have a friendly approach to your customers.

Improve Your Call Center Strategies

Understand the needs of your customers and determine what is required to improve your call center reporting processes. You may consider long term solutions such as speech analytics, which help you to listen to your customer complaints. 

By adopting sophisticated technology solutions, you will streamline your daily business operations, please your clients and retain them. You might also outshine your competitors, mainly if you review your call center solutions more often.