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3 Creative Ways to Use Call Marketing for B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation is now the primary focus for all businesses, not just new and small ones.

Corporations and larger businesses must constantly add new customers in order to achieve their growth and profitability objectives due to the intensifying competition from smaller rivals. An effective lead-generation engine can deliver outstanding results and set up the business for years of growth. A Marketo study found that companies that use efficient lead-generation tactics bring in at least 133% more money than those that don’t. Lead generation is the only statistic used by 67% of businesses to assess the effectiveness of their content.

The good news is that lead generation opportunities have increased as a result of the expansion of digital marketing channels and distribution.

So how do you start generating leads for your business? Let’s begin by looking at the fundamentals of lead generation.

How do you create B2B leads?

In order to get in touch with and nurture leads for sales, B2B lead generation involves piquing their interest. A targeted audience of potential customers is first aroused through marketing initiatives, and then those individuals are categorized as “leads” in accordance with pre-established criteria.

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By filling the top funnel of your customer acquisition process with leads, lead generation aids in the materialization of demand. These leads give opportunities to connect with potential customers, improve sales engagement, and close deals in the sales pipeline. Generating B2B leads is a crucial first step in your sales process because the results depend on them.

The importance of lead generation in B2B

The core of sales development is B2B lead generation, which assists in creating and converting demand for a product. Your team wouldn’t generate leads without a lead-generation process in place, which would result in a bare sales pipeline.

Your sales staff wouldn’t have any leads to pursue, develop, and close as a result. Without a lead-filled pipeline, you won’t be able to forecast sales and profits while overseeing a sales team, which will have an impact on your entire business.

The management and executive teams’ top priority is lead generation. Revenue may be significantly impacted by this.

If a company doesn’t have a lead generating strategy, it is vulnerable. The target market, which may or may not even be aware of it, will determine its business success in terms of growth and profitability. You won’t have any “leads” for potential customers. Leads are essential to the long-term success of your business.

The benefits of lead generation are numerous. For instance, you presumably had a specific target market in mind when you originally began your firm. Thanks to lead generation, you can expand your market and discover more about your prospects.

Telemarketing for lead generation in B2B

Telemarketing can be incredibly annoying at times which is why it is frequently underrated. One of the best ways to expand your company is to generate B2B leads through telemarketing, if it is approached perfectly, telemarketing can be one of the best lead generation strategies for securing high-quality B2B leads. It can assist your business in gaining more clients, maximizing your marketing budget, and generating qualified leads for sales.

Now, we will look into the utility of telemarketing lead generation in this article. We’ll show you different ways to use call marketing for B2B lead generation and how to be a productive telemarketer. Let’s dive in:

IVR for B2B Lead Generation:

An IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated business phone system for lead generators to fine-tune and optimize their call volume. If you’re not familiar, an interactive voice response (IVR) system is a menu that callers can interact with and hear a pre-recorded message before being connected to a sales representative.

For example, “Thank you for calling. To speak with Sales, press 1. To speak with support, press 2. Similar inbound IVRs to this one are probably nothing new to you, but can you use the same technology to generate leads?

IVRs have been used by the best call generators for a long time. The inherent motivation of the caller and the nearly 100% contact rate are the two most valuable features of inbound calls. One drawback is that the sales representative or lead generator is in the dark until the call is answered. IVRs are employed to address this issue.

How IVR Works

Let’s look at an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that lead generation businesses frequently employ.

  • IVR receives your callers with welcome greetings like “Thank you for calling (your company name)”
  • It redirects the customers to the desired agent/branch by saying ” In order to get in touch with a local dealer, please enter your zip code in the box provided.”
  • Through IVR calls to your network of buyers are automatically forwarded after the caller enters their zip code.

Outbound Calling – Warm Calling

When you call a potential customer whom you have never spoken to before, you are cold calling. Warm calling, also referred to as lead nurturing, concentrates on businesses and people with whom there is already an established connection. The goals of this strategic call are to learn more, solidify the connection, and decide what to do next. If done correctly, warm calling can be very effective.

B2B businesses frequently use cold calling to generate more leads, which are then carefully qualified before being given to salespeople for follow-up with prospects or appointment-setting.

Your inside sales team or business development team calls leads and prospects acquired through marketing as part of a warm calling campaign. This proactive outreach quickly ascertains whether they are a good fit either now or in the future by gathering complete information and asking qualifying questions. This joint effort strengthens the bond between marketing and sales and guarantees that sales only receive the best, most qualified leads.

CRM integration

CRM or customer relationship management system has become an integral part of every business today. It is crucial to monitor operators’ work as they frequently interact with the customer base in order to distinguish between those who actually carry out the call plan and those who are merely acting professional. This is possible with the aid of a state-of-the-art CRM system.

CRM assists you

  • To assign tasks to each operator or the entire department at once and track how they are being completed:
  • To assign tasks to each operator or the entire department at once and track how they are being completed:
  • The system generates reports on the work of call center employees, including who made how many calls, when, and how many of them were successful in closing the deal.
  • It immediately notifies the user when an order is running late and lists the subsequent tasks in order of urgency. In the transaction card, the programme displays scripts for each step of the sale.


Despite being difficult, increasing sales and generating B2B leads are not impossibly difficult. You can increase the rate of b2b lead generation with the proper application of the above-mentioned telemarketing techniques and make lead generation as fun as listening to good music!

Additionally, salespeople work in a unique environment. Businesses can thrive in the altered digital environment by providing them with better telemarketing solutions.

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