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Can SMS Marketing Increase the Overall Performance?

One of the most closet things in information overloaded world is text messaging. In this regard, the click tail bulk SMS sending will offer you more freedom and you will be able to build a healthy conversation. It will enable a website or any application that would facilitate two-way messaging on an international level.

What is the goal of the SMS sending platform? It is needed to support, engage and win the heart of the customer so that he or she comes back on your channel. It thus helps to maintain a better relationship with customer through less effort.

Thus, you reach customers naturally via social, web, or mobile. It will not only reduce manual tasks but also workflow conversations with intelligent automation. You will be provided with the team and tools needed to upgrade customer experience with no replacing of existing solutions.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing:

Open rates of 99%- SMS sending messages read rate of around 99% with no additional promotional medium. It thus ensures fast and high delivery of bulk SMS campaigns.

  • Increased Sales– it market to existing as well as new customers through the help of SMS marketing. This makes around five to seven-time easier to sell the product with new client gain. It offers marketing techniques that increase the conversion rate of sales.
  • Instant deliverability- it leverages bulky SMS messages so as to get advertising messages within 15 minutes of sending.
  • Cost effective- you will be able to achieve the goals at much fewer cost and the bulk test messages will get delivered in mass. Compared to conventional advertising channels, it is exceptionally affordable.
  • Wide audience reaches- it can deliver bulk messages to SMS-enabled cell phone devices regardless of the model as well as internet connectivity.
  • High engagement- you will be able to reach your audience easily on a personal communication device that would break the clutter of advertising messages.

How Does Bulk SMS Work?

Given below a step by step guide that would enable you to know the working of the bulk SMS sending.

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  • Build subscriber lists- you at first need to collect or gather cell numbers from various clients and ensure they agree on to get the messages from you
  • Reach- how your messages will be broadcasted? It is done by Apifonica that broadcast messages not only in bulk to the subscribers but also at the correct time as specified by you.
  • Track- you will be able to get all the detailed information regarding the text messages that are sent so as to measure up the performance of bulk SMS campaigns.

What is Apifonica and why it is essential?

  • Owns infrastructure- it provides a company established communication channel, nodes as well as in house team.
  • Favorable rates- the apifonica will provide euro/ per minute usually in the range of £0.01/SMS or £0.9/number.
  • Comprehensive support- it will help the client through the introduction of the app.

It helps various companies to retain as well as engage customers with text messages and voice messages to an easy channel.

What sort of features does it offer?

This is the foremost question after you get to know about the bulk SMS sending platform. It is briefly described below-

  • Gateway for Two-way SMS– it will encourage the customers so as to interact with the business through the running of the competitions and running of polls via SMS. Thus it tracks customer text messages that are sent automatically in response with API
  • Personalization– It personalizes version based on the recipients by previous buying behavior, location or demographics
  • Global SMS coverage– you will be able to reach the customer no matter from they are
  • Quick setup– you can set up text broadcast easily and quickly through the Apifonica SMS API
  • Long messages– the SMS messages ranging up to characters in number 1530 is possible

Who Should Use Bulk SMS?

Internet retailer as well as web services- using it, you will be able to cut off the customer care cost and notify the customers by bulk SMS. It will drive new sales and impulse will be caused in business with clients.

  • Car dealerships as well as repair workshops– it reminds existing client checkups, test drives, oil/tire changes, and other special offers so as to push recurring business.
  • Credit societies and bank- it will lower the customer care costs as well as lower fraud rates with instant notification of accounts such as streamline debt collection in a fulfilling manner by non-punctual client notification about the debt refinancing and penalties options.
  • Insurance companies as well as brokers- it protects the client by making sure they got aware of the offer through switching with insurance companies. It will not only save customer care but also resolve problems related to the incidents.
  • Internet, IPTV, VOIP, and providers- it provides quick top-up notifications through text and this increases the revenue via payment reminders.
  • GYMS, fitness and wellness centers- it will send up offers related to sales that got based on client current preferences. It ensures that the client doesn’t forget to extend the membership.
  • Restaurants, cafes, and night clubs– it brings the client back again by ensuring them about the new events, menu items as well as personalized offers.
  • Hypermarket chains– your sales promotion, incentives, as well as loyalty programs, can yield better and long lasting results through the support of Bulk SMS notifications.
  • Tour operators as well as booking agents– through the selling of last minute offer efficiently as well as quickly, it avoids losses. It also ensures recurring your business through customer offers that are based on different packages


A healthy SMS platform not only tracks call volumes but also try to place new calls in real time. The response is generally immediate and it connects customers with the client. The main aim of SMS sending platform is to get feedback through SMS survey, build high social customer care, hold time optimization, sent emergency notifications, no-show prevention. If you are using old or traditional methods, you will never ever able to interact with the customer fully and thus get disengaged. This might decrease the efficiency.

Reach customer through all communication channels now through SMS sending.

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