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Canadian Government Grants 101: Finding the Perfect Grant Consultant

Various Canadian government grants exist and at times, it may be difficult to understand how to apply for them properly. Fortunately, grant consultants are a great way to increase your chances of obtaining a government grant.

A thorough and professional grant application is the best way to receive funding. Various grant consultants exist throughout Canada, to help simplify the grant application process.

Who are Professional Grant Consultants?

If you have a working prototype available or have already launched your startup, you certainly would need certain level of funding to take your business to the net level. And, if your business is based in Canada, no other funding source can be a better option than a government grant. But, to improve your chances of getting a grant, you need professional’s help, and this is where Professional Grant Consultants can be helpful!

Professional Grant Consultants help you find and apply for local and national Canadian government grants. Services available are grant proposal research, grant writing, grant writing consultations, proofreading and editing, fundraising, and development. In addition, many consultants assist non-profit organizations in grant writing as well.

What Services Are Offered?

  • Full Proposal Writing
  • Partial Proposal Writing
  • Proposal Research
  • Grant Prospect Research

Benefits of Hiring a Grant Consultant

Hiring a professional grant consultant will increase one’s chances of receiving funding through Canadian government grant. Qualified and experienced writers will simplify the process greatly, as grant writing is complex and time consuming.

Many grant consultants will determine if you or your organization/business are eligible for the grant before beginning the process, which will save time in the long run.

All stages of the writing process will be taken care of, including planning, development of the narrative, and submission of the proposal.

In addition, hiring a grant consultant will allow you free time to continue to pursue academic or business activities, instead of focusing on writing the grant.

One final and perhaps most important detail is that grant consultants will ensure that grant deadlines are met.

Cost of Grant Writing

  • Hourly Rates – Hourly rates for professional grants writers vary greatly. However, $20 USD for more inexperienced writers, $50-$70 for more experienced writers, to over $100 USD per hour is standard for high end, experienced writers.
  • Fee Schedules – For grant writers working on a fee schedule, short proposals may be around $200 USD, while, more complex projects may be $5,000-$7,000 USD. The average rate should be from $1,000-$8,000 USD.
  • Combination of Hourly Rates and Fee Schedules – Many consultants offer a combination of both types of rates. Many are quite flexible, so do not hesitate to ask.

How to Choose the Perfect Grant Consultant

With the sheer amount of grant writers offering their services, it may be challenging to know how to choose the right candidate.

One option is to see reviews of the consulting business on websites, such as the Better Business Bureau. One can easily search by name or location, and read recent reviews.

Another option to find the perfect grant writer is the simplest; word of mouth recommendations. Ask coworkers, fellow student, or researchers who they have used in the past.

Finally, freelancer websites are a third option. Rates are quite varied, and fluctuate by experience level. Read reviews carefully.

Canadian Government Grants

The Canadian government offers a variety of grants in the fields of business, education, and development.

For example, specific examples of grants are the fields of agriculture, arts, culture, and sport, business, environment, Indigenous community, health, international development, jobs or apprenticeship training, research, and student aid.

How to Find Canadian Government Grants

The government of Canada offers a handy search option for a variety of grants, divided by specific categories. Various Business Grants, Student Grants, Environmental Grants, and Research Grants can be found on the Government of Canada website as well.

How to Find Canadian Government Student Grants

A great deal of government grants are reserved for Canadian students. Grants are available for full-time and part-time students.

The amount received depends on the province or territory of residence, family income, number of dependents, tuition fees and living expenses, as well as if the applicant is a person with a disability.

Grants are easily categorized by full-time students, part-time students, full-time students with dependents, part-time students with dependents, grants for students with permanent disabilities, as well as services and equipment for students with permanent disabilities.

The Government of Canada offers approximately $1,800 CAD per year for low to middle-income students per year.

How to Find Canadian Government Research Grants

Government funding is one of the most important aspects for researchers to continue their work. The Canadian government offers various government grants, in the fields of the Environment, Social Sciences and the Humanities, Aerospace, Defence, and Security, Health, Natural Sciences and Engineering, Energy, Nuclear, Oil, and Gas, and Genomics.

How to Find Canadian Government Business Grants

Various business grants are also available through the Canadian government. Examples include Financial Support for Growth and Expansion, Funding to Advance Commercialization, and Funding to Establish New Facilities and Attract Investment.

Grant writing can be a very complex process. Luckily, various grant consultants are available nationwide to help you with applying for Canadian government grants.

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