CanModerate; Get Your User Generated Content Spam Free

Whether it’s your personal or company blog or your business is backed by a forum with user generated content in the form of feedback, queries, testimonials etc, it’s always beneficial for the business. It provides you the deep insights of what your target audience is looking for; so you can develop future plans and promotion strategy accordingly.

Well, wait for a second; the internet world is full of spammers and they love the places with user generated content is welcomed!

Various plugins are available to fight spam if you are using an open source like wordpress, however, in case of a custom CMS and apps using .NET or Java or even a customized PHP platform needs a specialized solution. This is what CanModerate brings in.

Spammers are inventing new methods for spamming and many times huge spam is uploaded on blogs by automatic spambots. Here manual filtering can not just tedious, but may be totally useless when the amount is in tons.

CanModerate service is a SaaS solution, and you can use their readily available plugins, or else can have a custom integration or even use the API as needed.

intended to help protect your application from posting unwanted messages.

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CanModerate in Their Own Words:

CanModerate helps you to concentrate on your primary business goals by fighting spam in no time. The service also presents a website which enables you to manage blacklists, configure your custom content restrictions and analyze your traffic statistics. It will help you to get more understanding about your application traffic load, your user activity timeline, identify users producing most inappropriate content and more.

Technically, CanModerate is a web service that analyzes the quality of content posted to your system (website, forum, blog e.t.c). Your application will communicate to the web service on every user’s post submit. A comprehensive response about quality of the post will be immediately sent back to your system.

What Brings CanModerate to Spotlight?

It’s useful, and is FREE for basic usage, so all those startups running on low budget have a valuable option for their own growth.

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