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Why should You use CaptainVerify for Your e-mail Campaigns?

There are many ways of handling marketing online. Depending on what you offer, your choices will be different, in terms of investment. However, no matter what you sell, you will always need an e-mail newsletter to keep the people interested in your company, informed on your latest news, and generate more sales.

Sending mails to accounts that don’t exist could be costly, as you could end up being considered a spammer. That is why you need CaptainVerify. Here is more on the subject.

To clean Up Your Database

When you are a start-up, you want to find ways to accelerate your notoriety and your growth. Partners may bring in their own list of e-mails that they have accumulated doing business before, to enter them into the new database that will be used for your newsletter.

Some keep their list very clean, while others just keep using them over and over, even though they end up bouncing (read on the subject of hard bounce vs soft bounce email to know more). Before you use that new list for the first time, you need to take it through CaptainVerify software, to make sure that they are all still valid.

The goal is for each e-mail that you will send to reach their target. There is no point in sending mail to an inexistent account, but the real issue is that you could soon be considered a spammer. That would completely change your position, as your communication would find its way to people’s junk mail, where they will never be read, or they will be seen much later, once the goal of your marketing campaign is long gone. Either way, it will have a negative effect on your company.

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Sometimes, e-mails are simply entered wrong into the database. When you check the list, the software will advise you of the errors, so you can double-check the list or contact the person to verify the address that you have entered into the database.

Other e-mails have been hacked and are used to insert viruses into computers, as they reply. There are even emails that are called honeypots, which have been created to identify spammers. They are dormant mails, so they cannot have signed on to an e-mail list, in the first place.

To increase your ROI

Marketing does not mean that you should try to reach to everyone and hope that they will react positively and buy from you. If you do so, you will spend a lot of time and energy, on something that won’t pay you back. ROI (Return on Investment) is something you need to keep in mind at all times if you want the company to grow rapidly and your marketing spending to make sense.

Otherwise, you could end up investing a large amount of money with no revenues coming back. This is also important to keep in mind, in regards to e-mail campaigns. If you create a campaign, and your return is very low, the problem may be that many of the people you are reaching out to, simply don’t receive your mail. That will lead you to believe that the campaign was not well thought out, which may not be true.

As well, sending e-mails has a cost. The more useless ones that you keep on your list, the more costly it is. In other words, you are throwing money out the window; something start-ups don’t have so much, to start with.

To be GDPR Compliant

There are very strict rules about the use of personal information on the internet. They have become even harsher over the last few years, the General Data Protection Regulations GDPR having been in place since May 25, 2018. It starts with an e-mail list that has to be opt-in, which is something CaptainVerify doesn’t compromise on.

Then, various other regulations have to be followed. That is why so many companies choose this supplier, in order to handle that part of the work. They have extensive knowledge of what is possible or not, and they apply the rules to the letter. It protects their clients, as they don’t end up blacklisted and placed on the spam list.

To understand Your Database Situation Perfectly

CaptainVerify doesn’t just check the list and hand it back to you. It provides all the information you need to understand the state of your database. It will provide a statistical report, which will show which e-mail is not in function anymore, those that are honeypots, spam risks, etc.

It gives you a chance to analyze the list and see what you have done wrong, in the way that you built it. Most of all, you will never send out another e-mail marketing campaign to accounts that don’t exist, or others that can create problems for you. This is of utmost importance, because e-mail marketing is key to survival and growth on the internet today, and will remain so in the future as well.

Using faulty e-mails is placing your start-up at risk. For a small cost, you will be able to sleep better at night, knowing that you are reaching your customers and that you do so the right way; respecting the rules and regulations regarding privacy on the web.

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