Car Shipping Hacks
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5 Car Shipping Hacks For The Savvy Business Owner

Every business is a collection of various processes, and auto transportation is one such process. Yet, so many business owners and managers ignore it until they have to transport business cars quickly and efficiently.

Car shipping does not have to be a tedious and expensive undertaking if you use the latest auto shipping trends and hacks. So, keep reading to discover five car shipping hacks that will save you precious time and money.

Discover these helpful car shipping hacks to make the process smoother and more affordable, including leveraging the benefits of cheap auto transport services that offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Choose Between A Car Shipping Company And A Broker

Don’t just pick the first option you come across. As a savvy business owner, you should always give yourself adequate opportunities to make the best possible decision for your business. To start with, you must choose between an auto transport broker and a shipping company.

Auto transport brokers strive to link customers with shipping companies. Typically, brokers don’t have their drivers and carriers. In order to use their service, brokers usually charge a fee.

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On the other hand, auto shipping companies employ their own drivers and have trailers to transport vehicles for their customers. An auto shipping company is your best bet as a modern entrepreneur because it offers unmatched flexibility, better prices, and excellent reliability.

Explore Different Auto Shipping Options

If you decide to work with an auto transport company, you will realize that they offer a wide range of services to suit the budget and preferences of each client. Professional car shipping companies use air transport, rail freight, or truck transport to transport cars domestically.

Each car transportation method has its share of pros and cons. That’s why you should take your time to understand the merits and demerits of each method before making the ultimate decision. For instance, air transportation is the fastest and safest way to ship cars. However, these advantages come at a price.

With rail freight, you will get to enjoy reliability and speed. However, not all car shipping companies offer this option. Besides, it is usually more expensive than truck transport. You will also have to pick up your vehicles at the railway station.

That leaves us with truck transport. While it might not be the fastest or safest auto shipping method, truck transport is many businesses’ most preferred shipping option. Firstly, it’s cheaper than other methods. Secondly, it allows you to use door-to-door delivery.

With truck transport, you also have the chance to choose between open shipping and enclosed car shipping. As the name suggests, open auto shipping doesn’t have an exterior covering.

Typically, open auto car shipping can accommodate around ten cars at a go. As a result, it tends to be cheaper than enclosed auto shipping. However, your business vehicles will be exposed to the elements.

When it comes to enclosed car shipping, your cars will be protected inside an enclosed trailer. That makes it the ideal option for those who prefer more security.

Understand Auto Transport Costs

Now that you have that covered, it’s time to find out how much you might pay for your auto shipment. It’s best to note that car shipping costs vary for various reasons. As with other services, car shipping is also subject to demand and supply. That means you are likely to pay if the demand for car shipping services is high and less if the demand is lower.

Apart from that, the shipping style you will choose will also affect the price. Enclosed auto shipping carriers are usually twice more expensive as open carriers. The distance will also determine your vehicle shipping costs. On average, you can expect to pay $2.92 per mile for distances less than 200 miles and around 0.8 for distances more than 1000 miles.

Other factors that will determine your shipping costs include the season, location, and size of your cars.

Find A Reliable Service

Since you know what you will likely pay for your vehicle shipment, it’s time to look for a reliable auto transport company. No two car shipping companies are equal. While some are known for providing reliable and affordable shipping services, other companies will frustrate you.

In order to get great value for your money, you should consider a couple of factors. Start by ensuring the shipping company you have in mind is licensed by the US Department of Transportation. The federal and state governments require automobile shippers to meet various requirements to ensure compliance. Shippers without the required licenses and certifications should be considered unreliable.

Aside from these requirements, it’s also essential to look into the reputation of the shipping company you have in mind. Has the company made a name for ensuring safety? Do your competitors use their service? What do previous customers say about the company in reviews and testimonials? Ask yourself these questions to find an automobile shipper you can trust.

Prepare Your Business Cars For The Move

Once you find a shipper you can work with, it would be best to prepare your business vehicles for the move. Ensuring your cars are ready for the shipping process can help minimize damage and save you money.

Start by removing items and electronics from your cars. From there, proceed to wash your car. Remember to take pictures of your vehicles before dropping them off. Also, disable all the alarms and lock your cars. You should also check each vehicle for leaks and ensure the tires are properly inflated.

After that, prepare the necessary documentation for the shipment process. Let’s take you through the documents you will need to ship your car:

  • Bill of landing
  • Title and registration
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of insurance
  • Insurance terms and conditions

The bill of landing is used by automobile transporters as proof of delivery. It also documents the condition of your cars before and after delivery. Without this document, your insurer may not compensate you for any damages.

While you don’t typically need insurance coverage to ship your business cards, your shipping company does. So, take your time to check the insurance terms and conditions to ensure your vehicles are adequately insured.

As a savvy entrepreneur, you should take advantage of these five auto-shipping hacks to save time and money.

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