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Want to Become a Pilot? Explore These 7 Career Opportunities

Let’s face it!

Earning a pilot degree may open a gate to a multitude of career opportunities.

From controlling the flight to evaluating the air traffic, a pilot degree may land you in a pool of opportunities, you name it.

Once you have a general concept of the career route you want to take as a pilot, you can then find out what route you should follow to become a pilot of your choice.

Listed below are the 7 lucrative career opportunities you may have with the best pilot degree program.

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1. Regional Airline Pilot

It is one of the popular pilot types that one can become after earning a pilot degree program. A regional airline pilot performs the same duties as a pilot for a major airline, which is to transport passengers to their destinations. Talking about regional airlines, however, these pilots usually cover shorter distances and use small to medium-sized jets. As a pilot for a minor airline, you can also be responsible for transporting passengers to a bigger airport so they can board other aircraft.

2. Medical Pilot

EMS pilots, popularly known as medical pilots, fly for a variety of purposes. Choosing a medical pilot is one of the best decisions that one can ever make. Some of the major roles and responsibilities of such pilots include saving missions, extreme medical situations, and even non-emergency patient transportation. However, you must undergo many medical examinations before you become a medical pilot. When you cleared all the requisite tests, you will receive a medical certificate, stating that you are now all set to be a medical pilot.

3. Tour Pilots

If you want a happening life where you can travel the world, then becoming a tour pilot is one of the best pilot certifications that you can earn. The main job of a tour pilot is to take tourists out to different locations across the globe. A tour pilot is licensed to fly either a helicopter or a private plane. The professional can land the plane on the ground so that travelers can get a scenic view of the surroundings.

4. Cargo Pilot

Being a cargo pilot is a dependable and fulfilling career. Depending on the nature of the business, the volume of the cargo, and the distances they travel, these specialists fly a variety of aircraft. The training you undergo to fly on passenger airlines and as a cargo pilot is the same. If you work for a cargo company, you have a lot of flying options. Also, becoming a cargo pilot may help you reap countless benefits.

5. Flight Instructor

One of the most fulfilling occupations in aviation is nothing but becoming a flight instructor. When you choose such a field as your profession, you are likely to become the best version of yourself. Since each student has a unique learning style, you must become an expert at describing real-life flying experiences to provide all students with the best learning experience possible.

6. Firefighter Pilot

Though it sounds thrilling, it is not made for everyone. Becoming a firefight pilot requires extensive knowledge and skills to safely evacuate the passengers and ensure minimum damage to the plane or helicopter. Firefighter pilots have the option of working as CFI, commercial pilots, or even private pilots, depending on the requirements.

7. Law Enforcement Pilot

When it comes to flying airplanes, jets, and helicopters, these pilots go through rigorous training. It is one of the most prestigious and rewarding jobs that you can opt for. Since government bodies conduct multiple search and rescue operations, such pilots may be incredibly beneficial.


If you want to make your way into the aviation industry, these are just a few examples of different pilot careers. Simply, study them in detail and choose one that suits your personality.

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