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Connecting to the right people is the key to professional success, and so people use Linkedin and similar websites. Depending on the business model most of the professional linking websites do not allow people to connect to many people without having certain common connections or else you may connect to some key people only if you pay certain  $s.

This is where bridges the gap and allows anyone to connect to anyone with a simple search. This service may sound unpleasant to people who do not want too many unnecessary connections, but hold on….. you will be connected only when you accept someone’s request. A lot of more features are there with simple yet highly effective user interface! spotlight in Their Own Words: is a career networking tool and a resource center, enabling you to take next career move with better preparation and a wide range of options like connecting to just anyone you wish to, quick resume builder, applying for jobs in person and getting personalized advice from experts on anything related to career.

Why Market Needs

Jobs is an evergreen industry and people will never stop searching for jobs, so they will never stop connecting to professionals from relevant industries, having influencers in their contacts and so on. This is what offers and thus it has a market. Website:

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