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Cases Of Personal Injuries In Georgia

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 30 million people in the United States visited emergency rooms in a single year due to accidental injuries. The statistics clearly show that an injury could happen to you or a family member at any time.

Most people ignore personal injuries, especially if they are minor ones. But when wounds get bigger and medical bills start to bubble, that’s the only time that an injured person scrambles for funds and considers asking for compensation. Some professionals like Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys might help you with your problem.

But what are considered personal injuries? Are these supposed to be self-inflicted? To give you an idea about such impairment and damage, here are some forms of personal injuries that are recorded in Georgia hospitals:

Car Accidents

Georgia reported 331,798 auto accidents in one recent year, resulting in 1,730 deaths and 124,493 injuries. If you get entangled in such an incident, you can ask for help from your own insurance provider and demand compensation from the responsible party at the same time.

Motorcycle Accidents

The Georgia Traffic Safety Fact sheet reports 3,948 motorcycle accidents in a recent year, causing 705 serious injuries and 170 deaths among the motorcyclists involved. Motorcycles are notoriously known for being susceptible to road danger even though not all motorcycle riders are reckless. Due to this, riders find it difficult to seek compensation even though the accident is not their fault.

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Bicycle Accidents

Some car drivers are afraid of the results of hitting a bicyclist. So instead of helping when they do so, they may try to run from the scene to avoid getting into trouble. Ideally, all those involved in the accident should stay where it happened until the police come.

But in case the culprit does not have a plan on staying, it is best that you remember (and take note of if possible) the license plate as well as the color and appearance of the car. If the offender is found, you may push for an accident claim or lawsuit.

Pedestrian Accidents

Georgia reported over 3,000 pedestrian crashes in one recent year. Pedestrians often end up facing severe injuries, medical expenses, and recovery time from traffic accidents. They shouldn’t have to handle the bill for it all. A pedestrian accident claim could allow them to recover compensation for their losses and impairment.

Ridesharing Accidents

What happens to rideshare passengers whose trip ends in an accident? Just like getting involved in other vehicular accidents, you may file for accident claim against the ridesharing company and the driver as well. Fortunately, such companies such as Uber and Lyft make the process of reimbursement easier for both driver and passengers.

Bus Accidents

Busses are the most common mass transport in Georgia, so the safety of its passengers is always a top priority. If you ever get involved in a bus accident, it is likely that it is not your fault, and those who are responsible—like the drivers behind the wheels—should pay for damages.

There are lots of legal practitioners who may assist you in handling personal injury claims. The Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys, specifically, can handle all the trouble for you.

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