startup pr strategy
Startup PR

A Comprehensive Startup PR Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

So you have a startup to promote and you are looking to get huge coverage for it on a limited budget? Well, PR can do wonders …

affiliate marketing
Startup Marketing

Understanding the Workings of Affiliate Marketing and Its Benefits

Waking up at an odd hour and driving to the office through streets jammed with other half-asleep travelers to go through lots of hectic emails …

Startup Marketing

How to Choose the Right Social Media Networks for Your Startup

One of the most common mistakes that startups commit in marketing is choosing social media networks without a proper strategy. Most of the time, they …

Startup Marketing

How to Set Marketing Budget for a Startup

You have got a great product, but that alone is not enough to succeed…. You need effective and targeted marketing for more exposure, sales, and …

Small Business Ideas in hyderabad
Small Business Startup Ideas by City

27 Low Investment Small Business Ideas for Hyderabad, India

The ancient city of Hyderabad serves as the capital of the southern Indian state of Telangana. The town is bipolar by the account of development. …

Tools & Resources

4 Common Cloud Hosting Myths, Debunked!

Cloud hosting is the hottest trend in the web hosting industry these days. Almost all web hosting companies now offer cloud hosting plans as part …

Startup Marketing

An Awesome List of Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Business

Despite the hyperactivity of your target audience over social media platforms, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools for startups. And …

hardrive clicking noise
Tools & Resources

Hard Drive Clicking Noises: Common Causes and Resolve

Isn’t it annoying to hear a continuous “click, click, click” sound when working on your computer? Hard drives often make strange buzzing, clicking, or grinding …

targeted traffic
Customer Acquisition & Retention

3 Highly Effective Ways for Startups to Drive Targeted Traffic to Their Business

Hundreds of new startups are launched every day, but nine out of ten startups fail. Being unable to drive traffic to their website or app …

dental practice marketing
Startup Marketing

7 Marketing Essentials for Dental Practice Owners Who Are Looking to Get More Clients

Do you want more clients for your dental practice? Great marketing is key if you want to create a solid reputation. However, marketing as a …

Startup Marketing

8 Strategic Suggestions for Result Oriented Instagram Marketing  

Instagram, for those of you who haven’t already encountered it, is a photo-based social media platform that’s enjoyed tremendous growth in just a few short …

Hiring an SEO Expert or Agency
Startup Marketing

3 Important Things to Consider While Hiring an SEO Expert or Agency for Your Startup

No matter how innovative products & services you have, if people cannot find you online, your startup survival will be the toughest. Your business can …