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Startup Ideas

How to Become a Bookie and Start Your Own Business

Do you love sports, enjoy the thrill of gambling, and want to work for yourself? If so, opening a bookie business might be perfect for …

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Tools & Resources

The Major Benefits of Using Client Portal Software

Microsoft recently found that 96% of customers say client engagement and support are crucial to a business’s brand. Companies need effective ways to serve and engage their …

Startup Marketing

Promote It! A Starter Guide to Your First Print Marketing Campaign

Who told you print marketing is dead? While consumers are glued to their phones more than ever, print advertising is still breaking through in the …

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Startup Ideas

Seize the Opportunity: The Best Ideas for Your Small Business or Startup

The business landscape is changing fast as technology seizes market control. Entrepreneurs need to stay ahead or else competitors will have a stronger edge. More …

Tools & Resources

Why You Should Consider Stylish Furniture for Your Office

Stylish furniture. Can you really justify the expense? Sure, your Spartan-like office needs to be decorated. But the last 12 months were diabolical for business, …

Startup Marketing

6 Benefits of Marketing for Your Business

As a start-up business, it can be a real struggle to get your company name ‘out there.’ After all, there is a vast amount of …

Startup Ideas

7 Ways to Start a Transport & Logistics Company

Thinking of starting a transport and logistics company but don’t know where to start? You have landed in the right place. We will brief you …

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Startup Marketing

How to Improve Customer Service as a Plumbing Contractor

When you own a plumbing company, customer service has to factor in as the most important aspect of running a successful business. Why? Happy plumbing …

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5 Expert Tips for Establishing a Brand

Are you looking for ways to step up your company’s image? Or are you launching a start-up business and don’t know where to begin? There’s …

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Tools & Resources

10 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Beginners

To be a superstar in today’s world, you don’t have to rely on being featured in magazines or on television. All you need is a …

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Tools & Resources

The What and How of Link Building Services

A big part of growing your business comes from getting noticed, and there are a lot of great ways to do that. One of the …

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Startup Marketing

5 Ways How Social Media Visibility Can Boost Your Outreach

In the world today, using social media as a tool for your business is no longer optional as it is now an essential means of …