Change My Path: Gaming Platform for Education

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Today’s youth is probably the most educated one with easy access to universities, education material locally and over internet, but when it come to get hired lot of positions remain unfilled because the fresh grads do not have necessary skills to pursue those jobs. Only a very small number of consider entrepreneurship, while most of them look for a job. The job market is overcrowded but still organizations fail to find the right people!

If you are a university student looking to start your own business, there are some really very good business ideas for students to get started, but if entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea, you must work on developing much needed skills. It is crucial, because almost every business owner looks for skilled workforce rather than hiring untrained people and spend extra money to get them trained.

Change My Path, bridges the gap by helping individuals develop the skills they need to pursue/advance their careers. Isn’t it a superb idea to develop particular skills on the go while playing a game rather than spending thousands on a boring and expensive course?

change my path

Change My Path in Their Own Words:

At Change My Path, we’re giving job seekers everywhere access to the resources they need to take control of their professional destinies by building the skills that will help them succeed in the 21st-century workplace. On Change My Path’s iTunes-like platform, job seekers will be able to download games designed to help them develop their desired skills to any web-enabled device.

As players progress through the levels of the game, they will complete tasks of increasing complexity that demonstrate their mastery of the skill in question. By the time they complete the last level—in a matter of hours of engaged, entertaining play—they will have proven, measurable proficiency in an in-demand skill that they can translate to their job of choice.


What Brings Change My Path in Spotlight:

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Making someone learn a particular skill is a difficult task which Change My Path makes easy through gaming!


Change My Path Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.