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What to Look for When Choosing a Chat Marketing Agency for Your Business

Interactive digital marketing tools are changing the game, but many businesses are unaware of how best to take advantage of them. That could change with the assistance of a specialized chat marketing agency.

What to Look for When Choosing a Chat Marketing Agency for Your Business

There is a wide range of tasks that can be relegated to chatbots, thus saving a huge amount of money and time. Before you start celebrating, it’s important to understand that the use of a generic bot solution might not solve your problems.

Like any other marketing tool, bots must be used strategically in order to advance your objectives and create profits. You might need professional guidance in this process, and picking the most capable agency goes a long way towards finding optimal and cost-efficient solutions.

Choosing the Right Chatbot for Your Needs

AI-powered chatbots are very versatile and can be used in a variety of roles. Since each company has a unique branding profile and specific operational needs, the choice of the best chatbot must be made based on a careful analysis of numerous factors.

In many cases, simple conversational bots can be very effective at keeping the engagement level high and creating leads out of interested individuals. Other companies may need bots that can deliver targeted online ads in given intervals, while those that rely on live events can deploy bots to handle attendee applications and send reminders ahead of their scheduled arrival.

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“As one of the leading chatbot development and chat marketing agencies we’ve been lucky enough to partner with a diverse range of clients from across the globe. We’ve recently seen a turning point in that social messaging usage now outstrips social media daily, despite this many brands’ marketing budget allocations do not reflect this trend shift, chat marketing can sometimes be overlooked.

However, smart brands are beginning to realize the opportunities available on messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp to shape consumers’ decisions and experiences,” explained Ryan Dearlove, Chit Chat Agency founder.

Factors that Affect Chatbot Performance

Here are some of the most relevant aspects of chatbot design that largely determine whether the automated solution you choose will work well in the role you assign to it.

Technical Sophistication

It’s true that chatbots are relatively simple software products, but some of them are far more powerful than others. Well-developed bots can integrate the product feed or collect valuable user data in addition to simulating a sales representative or customer support agent.

That’s why it makes sense to hire an agency that can create a high tech chatbot with superior performance in those aspects that your business needs the most.

Multi-platform Compatibility

Modern online marketing is a diversified affair, so businesses have to maintain an active presence on many different platforms in order to reach the largest possible number of potential customers. Needless to say, each platform has different technical standards and offers different promotional opportunities.

Broad compatibility is a key advantage of high-end bots, and you should prioritize it when you are looking for a new chat marketing agency. Manychat, the world’s leading bot development platform as a directory of certified agency partners.

On-going Support and Customization

While the initial design of the bot is obviously important, you might soon want to make certain changes or enable new functions. At the very least, bots require periodic updates in order to remain functional and effective in their primary purpose.

Choosing a bot that can be easily altered or customized at a later date provides you with much-needed flexibility and allows you to react to unforeseen events.

Key Strengths of a Good Chatbot Provider

It’s a good approach to value bot providers based on the quality of their products, but you can’t stop at that.

A lot of factors related to the company itself and the people who run it can affect the decision in a meaningful way. Here are a few intangibles that deserve to be considered:

Organizational Know-How

Experience is the main reason why you hire a chat marketing agency in the first place, so you should conduct due diligence and check what the agency did in the past. Ideally, you want the same team that already produced successful chatbots to work on your project and apply all lessons learned to it.

Strategic Aptitude and Vision

Even a tool as simple as the conversational bot can dramatically impact your bottom line if it’s used with good foresight and planning. A strong agency should be able to advise you on how to stretch your marketing budget a little further and how to open up new lines of communication with your audience.

That’s why you should seek out providers that bring together a combination of technical skills and long-term strategic thinking. Another leading chatbot development platform Chatfuel interviewed eight experts in the industry to get their takes on how chatbots changed, plus their predictions and advice for bots in 2021 and beyond including tips for Instagram messaging.


A new generation of AI-driven bots is surprisingly good at a range of business tasks. To harness the power of this practical innovation, you need to identify a chatbot marketing agency that knows what it’s doing.

Before you start considering any candidates, take a pause and assess your business challenges that could be solved with automation. From there, it won’t be hard to find a provider capable of delivering a custom-made chatbot that lives up to the hype.


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