ChatbotsBuilder; a Must Have to Increase Sales & Improve Marketing Effectiveness

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The business technology and the marketing world are growing so fast that if you are thinking to take a break for now and catch up with the trends later, you may lose a big market segment by then. Marketing is evolving constantly and rapidly; not long ago, Social Media became a must for growing and established businesses. And now, content marketing, ads-retargeting, live video campaigns, and a lot more techniques are must try methods for small businesses and startups; and the common goal is to interact with the customers in the most effective way.

It is crucial for any business, not just to have a clear communication with the customers and prospects, but this communication must happen timely; preferably instantly. Imagine yourself being a customer inquiring a business about pricing/quality/offers or anything over the social media or on their website and you do not receive a timely reply. Certainly, you will move to some other seller!

This is what exactly happens to your business when you cannot have an instant communication. For big businesses, it is fairly easy to hire 24/7 customer support, but if you are a small business owner, a marketing agency or an independent consultant, you may not afford 24/7 support. ChatChatbots can prove to be the life-savers for all such startups and small businesses on a tight budget!

Chatbots are basically semi-intelligent add-ons for your existing messaging platform. These programs are able to autonomously answer most common customer questions and deliver them the required information. Facebook Messenger chatbots are most popular and extremely powerful tools among others because they can multiply your marketing results by reducing the cost and effort.

Yes, a hefty amount of hard work and sufficient funds are required to hire a programmer who can build you a chatbot. But wait! You can create a chatbot yourself within minutes for the fraction of the development cost. ChatbotsBuilder is a platform that allows you to build complete and effective Facebook Messenger chatbots for your own business as well as for your clients.

Using the simple, easy and fast interface of ChatbotsBuilder, you can create and add chatbots to any of the Facebook pages manage. You can set how the chatbot is started, and how will it interact with the audience, i.e. using a wide range of readymade templates, different triggers, and reply types, you can maximize the effectiveness of your bot. Moreover, setting “active hours” will make it almost your Facebook Messenger virtual assistant.

Whether you want to capture new leads, engage users, or build better business relationships, the Facebook Messenger chatbot will minimize the marketing workload while improving the results. You might be surprised to know that you can even humanize a chatbot so it can guide users through a reservation funnel, help them track their orders and even lead the customers to complete the purchase. Using ChatbotsBuilder platform you can easily create such a complex and effective chatbot for your own business as well as for your clients. Check out the complete list of ChatbotsBuilder features here.

And yes, the pricing is very fair, i.e. starting from as low as $9/month which is nothing if you compare it with the pain of hiring a programmer. It’s a must try for every startup and every marketer, and you can try it for free for 7 days with no obligations and I am sure, you will surely pick a plan for your business then!

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ChatbotsBuilder in Their Own Words:

ChatbotsBuilder is an online platform that helps small & medium digital marketing agencies and professionals increase revenues by allowing them to easily build and sell Facebook Messenger chatbots to their local and global customer.


What Brings ChatbotsBuilder to the Spotlight:

It is a great plus for any small business marketer to be able to integrate a highly intelligent chatbot within the existing messaging platform, and ChatbotsBuilder makes it super easy for non-tech guys to do highly-techy stuff in minutes!


ChatbotsBuilder Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.