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Check the Accuracy of Your Favorite Watches with Toolwatch

In this world of smartphones and gadgets that come with built in clock, normally we do not need a wrist watch. But still, many people love wearing a wristwatch; let it be the style, passion, or anything that’s what they find satisfaction in. They spend a good money on buying expensive watches too and they simply love them!

So, if you are a mechanical watch lover and own some really good watches you must care about their accuracy. If your expensive watch is not accurate, the brand may not worth buying when the next edition is launched.

Did you know that, knowing the accuracy is the only way to find if the watch is working fine or not?

So to know the accuracy, you need something technology partner, that can be Toolwatch that helps watch aficionados around the world to measure and track the accuracy of their mechanical watches.

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The best thing about Toolwatch is that, it’s free but of course you need to register with them to keep a track of your watch’s accuracy. Though, there are some paid iOS apps, but what if one doesn’t have Apple. Being available on web, it’s of great ease to access from any device.

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A must try for those who own a watch or present watches to their loved ones!

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Toolwatch in Their Own Words:

Unlike professional tools that are expensive, heavy and measure the watch in different positions (up, down, on a side etc) that do not reflect the actual way the watch is worn by its possessor, Toolwatch measures the accuracy of the watch following the user’s lifestyle.

After a free registration (mandatory in order to have access to the dashboard and track your watches over time), the user synchronizes easily with Toolwatch’s accuracy system. He will be prompted to come back later, at least 12 hours, with an automatic email for the second synchronization that will give him the accuracy of his mechanical watch by calculating the delta between the two synchronizations.

What Brings Toolwatch to the Spotlight:

If we are passionate about something, we care for it to be perfect. So is the case with watch lovers and Toolwatch makes is simple for them to take care of the accuracy of their timepieces.

Toolwatch Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.