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7 Questions To Ask Before You Choose a Private Label Manufacturer

If you are expanding your product line or want to revamp your brand image, you might be thinking about partnering with a private label manufacturer. Private labeling allows brands to outsource their product manufacturing to third-party manufacturers.  For a business, onboarding a private label manufacturer has many benefits such as increasing profit share, boosting the value of a brand, etc.

The partnership you will form with your manufacturer can either make or break the success of your product line and not forget your company image as well. Hence, the decision of choosing a  manufacturer shouldn’t be taken lightly. In the following blog, we have narrowed down seven important questions you should ask your potential private label manufacturer before placing your first order with them.

1. What is the average lead time they take?

The time that the manufacturers take to produce your products is called lead time. If the production time is reasonable, productivity will improve which increases your output and revenue. Have them send you a detailed production timeline and ask them how long the  manufacturing, packaging, and shipping take. Partner with a private label supplements USA that can deliver within a reasonable amount of time.

2. Are there any hidden charges?

You might feel hesitant to talk about any additional costs but this should be cleared in the initial conversation. If you are ordering a custom formula or the blend you have ordered requires testing, it may incur additional costs.

3. What kind of training has your staff undergone?

Regulations evolve from time to time and if the manufacturer you are choosing isn’t up-to-date with these changes, it is a clear red flag. Even if they are up-to-date with the current trends, ask them about the training their staff has undergone to stay on top of the basics.

4. For How Long Have You Been in Business?

The reputation is built over time, and the number of years they have been in this business will help you assess their credibility and trustworthiness. There are many benefits of partnering with a company that has at least more than 4 years of experience in manufacturing private label products. Such manufacturers are more likely to be experienced and knowledgeable

5. What Audits Do You Perform?

It is advisable to only work with a manufacturer that maintains an internal audit schedule. Such audits are there to see if the company is following relevant regulations or whether products conform to the manufacturer’s internal standards and policies.

6. What Types of Lab Tests Do You Conduct?

If a manufacturer claims to guarantee high-quality products, ask them to provide proof to back up their claim. It is generally preferred to work with a manufacturer who has quality control measures in place. Inquire about the type of testing they carry out on their raw materials and products. A credible manufacturer will conduct the necessary tests to ensure they are complying with the regulations and standards.

7. In case the demand for a product increases, will they be able to manage it?

It is important to ask whether the manufacturer has plans to address unexpected demand or market conditions. There might come a situation where they need to produce a large number of products to address a surge in demand. Understand how they have delivered products previously when a similar situation happened.


Most of the private label manufacturers claim they are the best but how do you determine which company is best for your specific needs? The aforementioned questions will give you a start to know the given company before you select them for your product line. The questions required to be asked from a manufacturer may vary from one project to another but the general idea behind these questions is to understand the manufacturer’s suitability for your given project.

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