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How to Choose the Best Freezer

A freezer may look like a normal and simple machine where one can have food stored in it for it to be cold but the real deal comes when one has to shop for a good freezer. That is when many people know how complicated it is because they come in different types and sizes.

How to Choose the Best Freezer

With that being the case, there are some features and factors to be considered when choosing the freezer. Though most modern fridges and freezers at The Good Guys already have their freezers sometimes space will not be sufficient for one’s needs. Here is a guide about the different types of freezers, how to choose the ideal freezer taking the needs into consideration.

Upright Freezer

Upright freezers are well known for the convenience they offer. The freezers are always easy to pass through the door and do not usually occupy a lot of space. Modern fridges and freezers at The Good Guys can be easily moved and generally come with well-organized compartment dividers that make it easy to store food properly and for easy identification.

Upright freezers are usually more expensive than the other type of freezers and they use more energy as well but their top advantages like; convenience and ease of use, make this freezer the best amongst others.

Benefits of upright freezers

  • Do not occupy a lot of space.
  • Easy to maintain food organization,
  • Keep a variety of food easily and easily to access.
  • It can be easily moved.

Remember this about the freezer

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  • Maybe more costly than the different types.
  • Consumes more energy.

Chest Freezer & Deep Freezer

The chest freezers often known as a deep freezer is commonly known because it is more affordable and consumes less energy with a big capacity. They also have the ability to keep things cold for long when there is a power outage.

Though they are affordable and keep things cold for long hours, they are not really convenient for daily use because to gain access to things at the bottom, it will need that the things at the top are taken out first and may require manual defrosting.


  • They are more affordable
  • Have a huge capacity
  • They consume less energy

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • They are hard to get to items in the freezer.
  • Always need manual defrosting.

Portable Freezers

For portable freezers, they are way smaller than the other type of freezers and cannot contain a lot because of their size.

These freezers are usually more affordable and have different features than the other freezers do not have. They are generally made to allow users to transport frozen food from one location to another; they are so handy for people moving along with their food.

Due to their ability to remain at a stable temperature irrespective of the things stored in them when traveling, these portable freezers are often used for; camping, boating, long road-trips, or anyone that usually travels in an RV.

They are amazing because users do not need to frequently put in ice or get rid of the defrozen water as most users just need to adjust it to the right temperature and go along with it.



  • Allows users to move along with frozen foods on the go.
  • Don’t require ice to keep food cold.
  • It is amazing for camping, fishing, or RVing


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