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How to Choose the Right Conference Venue: 5 Practical Tips

Although the 100-billion-dollar conferencing industry experienced a severe blow during 2020, it’s on its way back, with bookings up to 40% already this year.

How to Choose the Right Conference Venue: 5 Practical Tips

So, if you’ve always wanted to step up to the mark by hosting a conference of your own, it’s best to start planning now before things get back into full swing.

It all starts by choosing the perfect conference venue for your big event.

1. Get the Most Bang for Your Budget

As with all things, the budget’s the number one criteria for choosing a conference venue. The best-value conference venue hire rate usually includes things like conferencing equipment and catering.

When you start paying for these items per person, costs can quickly add up. Another consideration budget-wise is location. Travel’s expensive nowadays, so if you’re aiming for good attendance, choose somewhere central that’s easily accessible for your delegates.

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2. Choose a Versatile Venue

The best conference venues offer a wide variety of rooms, configurations, and catering to choose from. They also provide you with a dedicated team that’s willing to accommodate your needs to the letter and help you pull off an unforgettable event.

Multi-functional conference venues like the Peninsula Hotel, Midlothian Conference Center, and Crowne Plaza mean you can go from conference to black-tie event, plus your guests can stay over in the onsite hotel.

3. Conference Venue Equipment

Make sure that the conference venue you choose has the tech that you need for your presentations. Nowadays, you might want to include a virtual component in your conference, so make sure the venue has sufficient wi-fi and equipment to facilitate this.

Remember, you’ll need video recording capabilities for this aspect too. If you’re going with an in-person-only conference, you’ll need to check that the venue lighting and AV equipment are up to scratch.

4. Overall Impression

When choosing a conference venue, make sure it’s a good fit with your company’s branding and fits in with the image you want to portray. For instance, if you own a high-tech company, a rural barn-style venue might not be the best fit for you.

Find out if you’ll be allowed to place your signage and banners in their foyer or at least in your chosen venue. You should also check which other events they’ve got scheduled for that time.

You don’t want to end up sharing the event space with a company that clashes with your brand message. For instance, if you sell vegan food, you wouldn’t want to be hosting a conference next door to a hunting convention.

5. Housekeeping Questions

Don’t forget to ask about the minor details that can easily become major issues.

Find out if parking’s included in your conference center hire costs and if there’s enough of it available. Also, ask about whether the ablutions are conveniently located and if they’re wheelchair accessible.

Other small niggling issues include air conditioning or heating, outdoor spaces for break times, and charging points for laptops and phones.

Is Your Startup Ready for the Next Step?

Why not try hosting your own event at a conference venue near you? It’s a great opportunity for learning more, motivating key players in your company, and broadening your horizons.

If you’d like some more top tips on how to streamline your business initiatives, big and small, keep browsing our blog.


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