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How To Choose The Right Payroll System for Your Business

Considering we live in a world where the internet and computers have made the work we do so much easier, using it for payroll should be a no-brainer. Payroll software has been around for several years and has made finance management so much easier for countless businesses.

If you haven’t taken the step into using payroll software, this post will cover everything you need to know about it and how to choose the right software for you and your business.

Why You Need a Good Payroll System

The main reasons for having a good payroll system are that it will save you time and a lot of effort and is far more effective and reliable than older methods such as bookkeeping.

Automate Payroll

While sorting out payroll doesn’t involve superhuman abilities or skills, it is very work-intensive, data-heavy, and can take a long time. Payroll software, such as Payroller cloud payroll software, automates these processes to take all the time and effort out of them.

Makes Taxes & Deductions Easier

If you have a large company with hundreds of employees, manually going through each one, and applying deductions, taxes, etc., can take ages and sometimes lead to mistakes.

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Once again, payroll software does this for you, and it will help you stay on top of changes constantly, allowing you to remain tax compliant as well.

Data Security

Outsourcing your payroll needs is fairly common amongst businesses, but this does open you up to data breaches. Using software yourself and keeping the work in-house allows you to have maximum control over the data and its security.

Online Payroll vs. Software

Another question many may have is, what are the key differences between online payroll systems and payroll software? The two main differences are the price and the effort required to get the work done.

Online payroll systems are cheaper, but you will still have to input data as and when you need it manually. On the other hand, payroll software may cost money, but it is easier and quicker to use and far more efficient for bigger companies.

Choosing the Best Payroll System

While there are multiple factors to consider when choosing a payroll system, the following factors are usually regarded as the most important and the ones that would be the most beneficial to those looking for a payroll software solution.


The price of something new for a business is always important, and payroll software is no different. You will not only need to decide if the price fits your budget but also how does the pricing structure work?

Is it a subscription service, or do you pay monthly, yearly, or per employee? The pricing structure could decide which software you choose, especially if you are a smaller company with limited funds.

Does it Work for Your Business?

Not all payroll software is built the same, and not every piece of software will work for your business and fit your needs. There is no need to get a piece of software that can handle huge amounts of data for hundreds of employees if you run a four-person business.

You will also need to see if the software works with the structure of your business; do you work with a lot of overseas teams or contractors, and are you able to use the same system to pay them, or will you need a second one or an entirely different app?

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