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SEO Service Near Me: How To Choose the Right SEO Agency

There are nearly 9,000 digital marketing agencies in America, most of which specialize in SEO.

You can’t really market yourself as a digital marketing expert these days if you aren’t fully engaged with search engine optimization. As one of the pillars of modern marketing, SEO is your best bet at improving your organic reach. It’s not easy, however, which is why most small businesses hire an SEO agency to help.

This post is all about helping you find an “SEO service near me”. With so many digital marketers out there, it can be tricky to find one that understands your needs and how to approach them.

Various factors the success of an SEO campaign, number one being the quality of your SEO consultant. Keep reading and you’ll be able to find someone you can trust to take your business to the next level.

Define Your Goals

Before you can choose an SEO agency, you need to sit down with your top brass and decide what you want to get out of this process. The more you can tell an SEO agency about your goals and desired outcomes, the more information they’ll be able to give about how they’ll help you achieve them.

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One thing to remember is that different SEO agencies might specialize in different aspects of SEO. Having a strong sense of what you want to achieve will help you narrow down the selection right off the bat. There’s no room for ambiguity here.

Common goals of an SEO campaign may include:

  • Increasing conversions
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Decreasing bounce rate
  • Improving backlink strategy
  • Improving local brand visibility

Come Up With a Budget

Once you’ve got your goals laid out in front of you, you’ll need to make a budget. SEO is just one aspect of your overall digital marketing budget, but it should be a sizeable portion of it. A strong SEO campaign can have a ripple effect on your company’s overall visibility.

How much you can spend will dictate the size and type of SEO agency you can go after. You have to be realistic about your spending, so don’t think you’re going to get top-notch SEO services for $50 per month. Do some research and avoid companies that sound too good to be true – they probably are.

“SEO Service Near Me”

With a budget in mind, you can start your search. Simply typing, “SEO service near me” into Google will give you every SEO agency in your general vicinity. You can choose a nationwide SEO company, but if you’re looking for someone you can meet with on a regular basis, it’s best to shop local.

Your Google search should give you a complete list of the SEO agencies nearby, so the next thing to do is separate the wheat from the chaff. The best way to do this is by checking out ratings and reviews from past customers.

Look at Customer Ratings and Reviews

Who can tell you more about the quality of an SEO agency than someone who has already worked with them? Start by choosing 5-10 of the companies with the top average rating, but make sure that they’ve got enough reviews that you can rely on the average rating.

Next, read through the client reviews, looking for any red flags about the company’s results or customer service. You can look at other sites, like BBB and social media accounts to get a clearer picture of the agency’s company culture and how they interact with customers.

Doing this should help you narrow your search down to a select few that you can investigate further.

Check Out the Portfolio

Now you’re ready to check out each agency’s website. The first thing to look at here is their portfolio of past work. If they’re guaranteeing results, they should be able to show you how they’ve been able to deliver results in the past.

If they don’t have a portfolio on their website, you can tackle this during your initial consultation. Any case studies that they decide to show you should be in line with your goals and within your industry.

Schedule a Consultation

While you’re investigating these companies, you can start to schedule consultations. This is where you’ll really get to talk to them about your specific needs and hear how they tackle them.

In these first meetings, you’re looking for complete transparency. Find out how much experience they have with businesses similar to yours, how they communicate their progress, and most importantly, what strategies they’re going to employ.

Hopefully, during your consultations, you’ll get a better sense of how each agency operates and which one best suits your needs. By now, you should be choosing between 2-3 agencies to work with.

Find Out What They Need From You

Another important thing to ask about is what they’re going to need from you while they help you with SEO. Depending on the campaign objectives you’ve laid out, you may be involved with writing blogs or social media posts. In other circumstances, you may need to be available to discuss KPIs and how to proceed.

Get a Quote

In doing everything we’ve discussed so far today, you should be deciding between just a couple of different agencies near you. This is when you should get detailed quotes from each service to determine which one best fits your budget.

SEO is an ongoing process that can take many months to start to see results. You have to be comfortable with playing the long game and even more comfortable with the overall cost. If it all goes well, the cost of SEO services will be nothing in comparison with what it does for your business.

Hire an SEO Agency ASAP

Now that you’ve got a thorough plan for hiring an SEO agency, you can type, “SEO service near me” into Google and start your search. Once you’ve got a trusted SEO agency on your side, your business can gradually flourish because you’ve invested in the best form of organic marketing around.

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