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How to Choose Training Providers

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Training allows your staff to perform to their best ability. Whether training in IT, sales, or switching to an Agile framework, you must find a training services provider who will enable your team to get the best available level.

The world of corporate training has undergone notable changes in recent years. Indeed, the 2020 covid-19 pandemic enforced a move to virtual training in many areas of commerce, industry, and even education.

What are you looking for in a training provider? Quality and comprehensive training, of course, plus times that are convenient. We’re going to look at the different options you have when choosing training courses for your staff, so let’s get started.

Different Types of Training

Many Australia-based training companies are offering a wide variety of training options in different market sectors. Most will offer a choice of training methods, and this section tells you about them.

There are three main training methods with options in each one, so let’s start with the traditional choice: classroom-based training.

How to Choose Training Providers

Is still a popular choice with many businesses. The concept has always been: the trainees turn up at a given time and are taken through workbooks by qualified trainers.

This method allows many people to undergo the same training simultaneously, so they will all learn at a similar rate.

The downside of classroom training is that it needs careful arrangement and the assurance that all participants can attend simultaneously.

This is not always the case, and some trainees will inevitably miss a session and have to catch up with their colleagues, which is not ideal.

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If you are going down this route, you should seek a provider who will come to your workplace, making it easier to ensure attendance.

Video Training

Is not a new concept but did become massively popular during the lockdown periods of 2020. This method enables a live tutor to talk to either one or many people via a video conferencing software package or app.

The benefit is that it can take place either in or outside office hours, and you do not have to get everyone together.

The problem with this method is that it’s easy to forget when you have the daily rigors of home life to deal with.

Also, not everybody has the same broadband speed and strength, so some participants may find their connection drops out at vital moments, which can be frustrating.

Virtual Training

Also uses broadband, but it is a pre-recorded session that the tutor has carefully planned. This can be downloaded at any time by the trainee and watched at their convenience.

The advantage extends to watching many times parts that they need to get to grips with. They can learn at their own pace, or the manager can dictate when they must complete modules, so everyone is at the same point.

If there is a negative side to this method, a trainee can easily fall behind if they do not stick to the schedules. Notably, this method is usually the choice when training for Agile as it is the most flexible.

So, classroom or virtual – which is it going to be?

Classroom or Virtual? 

As we have said above, the advantage of online virtual training lies in the convenience factor. The trainee can decide when and where to watch it.

However, they may forget or simply lack the time and become a few steps behind their peers. This can disrupt your team performance, with some people a step or two behind the others.

With the classroom system, you can ensure that everyone is present simultaneously, especially if you run the courses on-site during office hours. A good training services provider will offer this option so you can plan your training program to fit. What else do you need to look for in a training provider? Here are a few factors to consider.

Check Credentials

Always check the credentials of our training provider. It is simple for anyone to declare they are a trainer of a subject or course and set about doing so.

However, you want to find a company that offers qualified trainers with specific credentials and experience, and affiliation to industry bodies that vet their members.

Find such a provider, and you will be guaranteed the best service and training for your team.

Customer Testimonials

Visit the website and check customer testimonials. These will give a good idea of the level of service and training you can expect.

If company names are given, feel free to call and ask your counterpart for their view of the service, and they should be more than happy to help.

It’s always good to get a one-to-one opinion on something that will have a major impact on the performance and growth of your business.

Final Word

Finding the right training service provider is not the work of the moment, but there are many options in a growing market.

Once you have decided on the type and method of training you wish to use, start looking for specialist outfits in that form. You’ll soon find a company offering the right quality training at a sensible price.


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