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5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Guest Posting Platform

Guest posting has shown to be a proven strategy when it comes to generating a decent level of traffic to your website but the success of that strategy relies heavily on choosing the right guest posting platform.

Finding the best guest posting service should be a cornerstone of your success strategy and that is why you need to tick all the right boxes when making your choice.

Here are some key pointers to help you choose the right guest posting platform for your needs.

Da Is an Important Criteria

Domain authority (DA) is an important aspect of finding the right platform and you should check the DA of a host website to ensure that it meets a minimum quality standard.

It often follows that if you can gain exposure on a higher ranking website you should enjoy greater rewards and the ranking of your own website will increase too.

The minimum benchmark when grading the suitability of a website is to set the bar at a lower level where the DA is no less than 25.

Reputation and ranking definitely matter and a good DA is a useful guide to that.

How Good Is the Backlink Portfolio?

Another thing to check off your list would be to assess the strength of the backlink portfolio for a potential site.

A website that is receiving backlinks from good sources will help your domain authority and Google ranking. If the backlinks don’t meet a good standard it could have an adverse impact on these things.

Check Out Their Social Media Activity

You should also look at the level of social media engagement of the host website that will be publishing your post.

It stands to reason that your post will only be truly successful in terms of generating responses and getting more traffic to your own site if the host website is actively engaged in social media management.

You can check how many likes and comments there are on social media platforms as a guide to how many people are engaged with the content.

Always Check the Guest Posting Guidelines

You will also need to be very diligent with regard to adhering to guest post guidelines.

Going through exactly what is required and meeting all of the criteria will help you to choose a guest posting platform that matches your niche and specific goals.

Use a Good Guest Posting Service

There are a number of very valid reasons why it can pay to use a reliable and credible guest posting service.

A guest posting service will help you to create the right professional content that will have the biggest impact. It can also help you to gain exposure on the sort of niche sites that could be just right for your business profile.

Choosing the right guest posting platform requires a number of things outlined above to align successfully. If you can tick the boxes on these key points it should help you to achieve the results you are looking for.


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