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5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Whiteboard Calendar    

Relying on practical tools boosts your efficiency, especially when coping with your hectic work routines. A whiteboard calendar helps you keep track of your work schedule seamlessly.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Whiteboard Calendar    

It generally includes a basic monthly outline and space to make additional notes.

Dry-erase markers can help you write your schedule on the board. The best boards are magnetic and durable with a sturdy steel backing. Lightweight whiteboards are typically made of melamine which is a form of synthetic resin.

Buying Considerations

Make a wise selection while buying your whiteboard calendar. Only when the board meets your every specification can you and your team members be in sync.

Keep in mind the listed five aspects while investing in a whiteboard for your specific needs:

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Dimensions and Design

To identify a compatible whiteboard, you must have clarity on its purpose. They are available in varying dimensions and designs. Whether you like contemporary or minimalistic options, opt for a pattern that suits your space and purpose.

The size you choose should be guided by the volume of data you need to capture and the space to mount it. You can write down notes, schedules, and lists legibly on a whiteboard that provides adequate space.

Pre-Formatted Surface

A blank board does not offer the preferred guidance that a pre-formatted surface guarantees. Gridded, lined, or dotted whiteboards outline the calendar, notes, and to-do sections making it easier to fill in the blanks. Interpreting the data reflecting on neatly organized boards is straightforward.

Mobility Provision

Nowadays, you get whiteboards propped on heavy-duty wheels that you can relocate with ease. If you prefer not to have a permanent fixture mounted on a wall, these units offer the required flexibility.

A whiteboard on wheels has a large surface to record all you need, and you can even flip it around to conceal confidential notes while in video calls. Boards on wheels also allow you to adjust their height and angle, making them incredibly flexible for various kinds of purposes.

Further, since they come with wheels, they are more mobile. They can conveniently be moved around within the office building. They are slightly more expensive than standard, less versatile options, but they are worth the price.

Writing Surface

Generally, the surface material composition of the board is an indicator of its pricing. For example, boards with plastic or melamine surfaces, although cheaper, can stain easily. But, you will not face a staining issue with porcelain or glass surfaces.

Depending on your usage and preference, you may find it economical to spend more on a board with a stain-resistant surface.

Additional Features

Advanced boards offer additional space for to-do lists, notes, and to stick items using magnets. Do you intend to chalk out your yearly plan or concentrate on daily/weekly/monthly tasks?

Consider the features that appeal to you the most and proceed accordingly with your purchase.

Relying on whiteboard calendars to organize your daily regimen is highly recommended. Making notes by writing important to-dos down ensures you do not overlook essential commitments. With the introduction of such tools, your efficiency is bound to soar.


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