Cindr: a Truly Simple Website Builder

As all the information is going online, it is becoming very important to manage and sort the same so that it can be accessed easily. There are so many website builders available online but majority of them are so complex that a layman may just drop the idea of creating website.

Everyone wants to create a website, but they don’t want to waste time on editing templates, making mistakes and spending hours on fixing the same. Something that is quick to develop can make everyone happy, and Cindr should actually make you happy!

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Using Cindr one can easily create a single page website in a matter of few minutes. It saves your time and time is money which you can invest in other most important and productive concerns.

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Instead of templates, Cindr make use of stackable sections to customize a website and has hundreds of combinations thereby providing uniqueness to each website. The Cindr interface is lightweight and innovative, thereby providing you with light yet effective web pages.

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Cindr is also highly effective for mobile platforms too, so it saves the double effort which you might have planned for mobile optimization.

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Cindr in Their Own Words:

Cindr allows you to create a simple, single page website in minutes, for free. Rather than using templates, Cindr beautifully displays your online content in customizable, stackable sections we call ‘Blocs’. The lightweight, innovative user interface means it’s easy to create a stunning, mobile-ready, single-page website in minutes.

What Brings Cindr to the Spotlight:

It’s simple, easy to use and comes with an innovative user interface!

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