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CIPP-E Certified Information Privacy Professional

IAPP offered three articles, and the CIPP-European is one of those. All three certifications have different specifications of knowledge and complexities, and different levels of skills are tested in them.

For proving your high level of professionalism and skill worldwide, these certifications are very dominant.

In the Field of Data protection, the rules and the legislation’s knowledge will be proved with the help of CIPP-E certification. Some other CIPP certifications are of Asia USA and Canada, but the most common one is CIPP-E.

The rules and regulations for personal data storage and handling and knowing how to apply them are the basic principles of privacy that a candidate has; all this is proved with the help of the CIPP-E certification that a candidate must have.

The first and basic certification among the three certifications is CIPP-E.

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As the people get certified with the CIPP-E, they get urged to get the other certificates as soon as possible. CIPP-E is a certification that is not even eternal.

This certification is issued to a candidate for two years, and then regular confirmation for the certification is required.

Hence this certification of the CIPP-E is the very beginning Certification for this field. Many resources are required for this certification of the CIPP-E.

You can surely know about implementing the GDPR in your company once you pass the certification of the CIPP-E, and the need for you is only the workforce & authority that is required from your side for this.

As you need many resources for this certification, the benefits and merits will be eye-opening for the candidate.

People of any field can appear in the examination for the certification of the CIPP-E; there is no restriction that only lawyers can qualify or someone else.

The exam can be appeared and given by the IT specialists, marketing department specialists, they may be entrepreneurs, or maybe the HR managers hence anyone can apply for the exam.

Exam Guide

The exam will be taken on the computer. You can not appear online, and you have to come physically to the nearest test center of Pearson VUE after signing up for the exam. Pearson VUE has a test center of more than 6000 worldwide.

This company even has a test center in the major cities of the CIS. They provide services for the many other exams that are standard based like TOFEL etc.

Test for the certification of CIPP-E contains 90 questions, and completion time is 150 minutes or, you may say, 2 hours and 30 minutes.

DumpsLeader knows the time is short and limited for the candidates to complete the exam, but it is necessary to focus on it and have no time for cheating activities.

The candidate has to submit all their electronic gadgets when entering the exam like cell phones, watches, books, and any other source of information they are carrying with them to avoid cheating.

The only thing present with the candidate during the exam is the candidate himself and the computer provided by the test center.

Even the plastic board and marker for the rough note purpose will be given to the candidate by the test center.

The whole center is surrounded by CCTV and spy cameras to monitor the candidate during the exam. Video of all candidates is available and overseen by the individual.

In any case of the issue, the video stored in the office can be shown to the candidate for proof.

CIPP exam is present in the English, French, and German Languages for the candidate’s language choice.

Mostly the exam is focused on the English language, and the most important thing is the requirement of extra proficiency in the language, which is more challenging and tough for the candidates.

The candidate should appear in the exam on time, or you may say he should be punctual.

The test will be submitted on time, and after pressing the submit button, he will get the result immediately on the computer screen.

While the candidate leaves the test center, he will hand over the printout of his answers and the point he gets in that.

The questions in the exam are divided into sections like in first the Rules of GDPR, in second the institutions of the European Union, history of GDPR, and legislation’s General concepts.

In the third section, the questions are about the application’s practice of GDPR in different working areas like HR, Monitoring and marketing, etc.

Evaluation of each domain is different according to its importance and criticality.

You should know that the first domain is not essential, so the points there are very few, and the second and third domains are very important, emphasizing more and having more points.

The exam for the certification of the CIPP-E is only 550 US Dollars which also includes the amount of French or German language versions.

250 US Dollars are to be paid by the candidate if he wants to become a member of IAPP, and after every two years, this membership should be renewed.

By getting the membership, the candidate can get discounts on the products of the IAPP, and additional material is also provided.

How to Prepare for CIPP-E Certification

First of all, the candidate should register themselves in CIPP-E by entering the site of CIPP-E.

The payment for the CIPP-E Exam Dumps should be given by the candidate in the nearest testing center of Pearson VUE, and the date should also be scheduled there for the exam.

The main thing you need to be acknowledged is that you have appeared physically in the test center.

For the preparation for the Exam, you have to buy the book from the official website of the IAPP, and then you have to read it carefully to prepare for the exam.

If you can buy a course, you can also buy a special online course to prepare for the exam.

Another way of preparing for the CIPP-E certification exam is to have the physical or online classes from the coach available.


CIPPE is an advanced exam certification; you can apply for it if you have any skills related to the course of CIPPE. In this article, you can have a detailed guide on CIPPE.


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