CitiesPlanet Aiming to Empower {City}.com Domain Owners Around the World

Did you notice the thousands of {City}.com domains have been acquired by people but were never developed. Although you can find a brief about a city on Wikipedia, the {City}.com website covers the particular city on micro level and so it works great for the locals as well as those visiting or relocating to the city.

Realizing the need of fully developed {City}.com domains, CitiesPlanet takes step to get this done. This is going to be a tough thing though; where there is a will there’s a way! It’s not just going to work for developing the city’s information architecture, but will be a highly profitable option for domain owners as well as investors!

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CitiesPlanet in Their Own Words:
CitiesPlanet is a software, media, and publishing company dedicated to transforming underdeveloped domains into go-to resources for citizens, visitors and businesses alike. As more and more of our time is spent online, there is tremendous potential for websites to become centralized hubs of information and commerce for their communities. But managing a domain independently can be a challenge, to say the least, and tens of thousands of potentially profitable sites are lying undeveloped and unprofitable because their owners lack the resources, experience or time to manage them effectively.

What Brings CitiesPlanet in Spotlight:
It’s the idea to help potential webmasters/domain owners/publishers to build something useful for others and increase the profitability!

CitiesPlanet Website:

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