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Clarity, Consistency & Belief in Yourself; Robin Treasure Reveals the Recipe of Success

Lately we brought Robin Treasure’s Wellness Strategist business to Startup Spotlight, which actually is something wonderful for new, old and to be mompreneurs as well as single business women. Robin herself is a mompreneur who has a deep understanding of the joys and challenges of being a mom while also pursuing career and business opportunities. She actually plays a vital role in building up the confidence in mompreneurs by helping them with their health.

If you are a mompreneur and want to boost your efficiency, you might need a session with Robin. You can connect with Robin Treasure directly over Linkedin by clicking the link.

Robin Treasure high res

We had an interview with Robin Treasure to know about her journey being a mompreneur. Let’s see how Robin managed the success!

1- What are major challenges in your industry?

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The health coaching industry is still relatively new, so licensing and regulations are sometimes unclear and offer conflicting information, depending on the country you’re in. But for the most part, there are far more opportunities than challenges in my industry.

2- How difficult was it for you to setup this business?

Not difficult at all, since I provide a service (coaching) which requires little overhead and little up-front investment.

3- What do you think is the biggest challenge to become a mompreneur?

Having enough time in the day – of course! Taking care of your business, your children and yourself is a juggling act! That’s why organization and prioritization are critical, and passion is what makes it all possible.

4- What 3 characteristics should a business startup have to become a success?

5- Your recipe of success in one sentence?

Combine clarity, consistency, tenaciousness, and an unwavering belief in yourself, and you will achieve success.

6- How important reading (books/magazines/online publications) is for entrepreneurs in your opinion?

I think it’s critically important to stay current on topics in your field by reading as much as you can. However, don’t use reading as an excuse not to get out there and promote your business so you can enroll customers and clients!

7- What is the best way to deal tough competitors in your opinion?

In my field, I really don’t feel there are competitors. There is more demand for our services than we could ever fulfill on our own. But it’s essential to know your niche so you stand out and attract the kind of clients you will serve best.
8- Any failures that you’d like to share?

I’ve “lost” a lot of time on dead-end projects and partnerships that weren’t the right fit, but truthfully those experiences still taught me valuable lessons. I do recommend examining new opportunities carefully before committing to them.

9- Where does your husband/partner stand in your success? And how much important is such support for a mompreneur?

My husband has been a huge support to me, both emotionally and as a sounding board. He also has savvy business sense, and he gives me the honest feedback I need.

Your partner must be aligned with your business plans because your business will sometimes compete for your partner’s attention.

10- Any tips/advice for Startup Guys’ readers.

Follow your heart and believe in yourself! That may seem overly simplistic but it really does start with that. A good business plan means nothing without passion and belief in the quality of what you offer. Also get a business coach, and/or join a Mastermind group.

Like Robin emphasized on the importance of reading relevant materials and staying updated about the industry, we feel that reading about successful people and knowing about their recipe of success is actually a huge motivation for entrepreneurs. Hope Robin’s tips and expert advice will motivate you too!

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