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Class 12 Physics: How to Prepare in the Last Week?

For a student having a science stream in Class 12, physics is one of the most significant subjects. This secondary level education plays a vital role in students’ life, as the result of the Class 12 Board examination will decide which college they will get after passing the Class 12.

Students who are studying for the competitive exams of NEET and JEE have to study this subject thoroughly as most of the questions are asked in the Physics section of the question paper.

As Physics is an application-based and logical subject, most of the students find it difficult to understand. Pupils must start their preparation early if they want to perform well in their Class 12 Physics Board Examination.

To start with the preparation, students must have knowledge about their CBSE Syllabus For Class 12 Physics. Here are the chapters that are included in the NCERT Physics book of Class 12:

  • Chapter 1 – Electric Charges and Fields
  • Chapter 2 – Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
  • Chapter 3 – Current Electricity
  • Chapter 4 – Moving Charges and Magnetism
  • Chapter 5 – Magnetism and Matter
  • Chapter 6 – Electromagnetic Induction
  • Chapter 7 – Alternating Current
  • Chapter 8 – Electromagnetic Waves
  • Chapter 9 – Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
  • Chapter 10 – Wave Optics
  • Chapter 11 – Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  • Chapter 12 – Atoms
  • Chapter 13 – Nuclei
  • Chapter 14 – Semiconductor Electronic: Material, Devices And Simple Circuits
  • Chapter 15 – Communication Systems

After knowing about the curriculum, students should go through the blueprint of the examination. This will help them to focus on important topics. The exam pattern of Class 12 Physics is discussed below:

The Class 12 Board Physics Examination is of 100 marks. These marks are divided into two parts.

  • 30 marks are allotted to the students on the basis of the internal assessments which include class tests and practical.
  • The theory paper is 70 marks. Students have to complete this paper in 3 hours. The Physics question paper is distributed into 5 portions.
  1. Section A – This part comprises 10 short questions and 4 questions based on Assertion and Reason. These questions are of 1 mark each.
  2. Section B – There are 2 questions of a case study which are of 4 marks each.

III.   Section C – It is the portion of Short Answer questions. There are overall 9 questions of 2 marks each in this section.

  1. Section D – This part also contains 5 short answer questions which are of 3 marks each.
  2. Section E – There are 3 long answer questions of 5 marks each in this part.

Students are always in search of effective strategies so that they can acquire to prepare themselves in the last week before the examination.

This article will provide some productive tips or strategies which will assist students in preparing better for the examination In the last week.

Know the Weightage of the Lessons

The marking scheme of the chapters will enable pupils to concentrate on the significant topics. By this, they can give most of their time to the crucial chapters.

Beneath is the marking scheme of the chapters of Class 12 Physics:

  1. Unit 1. Electrostatics

Unit 2. Current Electricity.       (16 marks)

  1. Unit 3. Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

Unit 4. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents.           (17 marks)

III.   Unit 5. Electromagnetic Waves

Unit 6. Optics.                            (18 marks)

  1. Unit 7. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Unit 8. Atoms and Nuclei.        (12 marks)

  1. Unit 9. Electronic Devices. (7 marks)

Make Use of Previous Years’ Question Papers

Students should practice solving the mock tests, sample papers, or previous years’ question papers. This will help them to analyze themselves and to know about their weak points.

Also, they will get hints about the questions that are asked frequently in the examination. These papers will assist students in making their concepts strong.

Prepare Helpful Notes

Physics is a subject full of formulas, theorems, and numerical. To make this subject easy to comprehend, students should make notes of important points of each chapter.

This method will help them to remember formulas. Making notes will also enhance the writing pace of the students. These notes are also beneficial for the students at the time of revision.

Build a Timetable

Having a proper study plan will help students in their studies. They should construct a schedule so that they can focus on each chapter. With the help of this timetable, they can manage their time and can use it productively. In this timetable, they should also include relaxation time to refresh their minds.

The Physics NCERT Book

Students should refer to the NCERT book of Physics Class 12 as it is recommended by the CBSE and is based on the guidelines designed by the CBSE. Also, the content of this book is prepared by skilled teachers after doing lots of research so that students can understand each topic easily.

The dialect used to write the chapters is also very simple to comprehend. Students must solve the NCERT questions as most of the questions asked in the exam are directly taken from this book.

The Other Study Materials

Besides the Class 12 Physics NCERT books, students can also use other reference books to get a clear picture of the topics and the chapters. These guidebooks will also provide several questions for practice.

The visual learning resources can also help students in understanding tough concepts. Students should also centralize on the notes provided by the school teachers.

Big ‘No’ to Social Media

The students of Class 12 have their smartphones which they use all the time. During the examinations, they are advised not to waste their time on social media platforms. They should temporarily delete their accounts and can operate them after the examination.

They are advised to do this so that they do not get distracted and can concentrate on their studies.

The Strategy to Be Used During the Examination

First of all, students should always attempt the question paper in the correct order. They should maintain their answer sheet and mark all the keywords that they have used in the answers. They should try to finish their paper at the given time and should check it once before submitting it.


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